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5 ways SmackDown can rebuild Braun Strowman

Ali Akber
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Published Dec 07, 2019
Dec 07, 2019 IST

Has The Monster Among Men lost all credibility?
Has The Monster Among Men lost all credibility?

‘The Monster Among Men’ Braun Strowman arrived to the scene as part of The Wyatt Family and, shortly after the group broke up, was considered to be a breakout star.

Over three years later, we are still watching Strowman repeat his same old gimmick where he runs over Superstars, but falls short whenever he’s given a championship opportunity.

On top of than that, he hasn’t managed to increase his popularity in recent month due to WWE using him very inconsistently. It has cost the Superstar dearly, and safe to say, he is no longer one of the top favorites of the WWE Universe.

With his stocks currently falling, SmackDown would be well-served to build heavily on Strowman before he loses all credibility. In this article, we will look at the 5 ways creative can rebuild Strowman and bring him back to being the big-time attraction and title contender that he once was.

#5 Form a successful tag team

Storylines like these have hurt Strowman.
Storylines like these have hurt Strowman.

We already know that Braun Strowman is a two-time RAW Tag Team Champion, and even though his general demeanor doesn't lend itself to being a member of a tag team, it’s the only department in which he’s had some success.

Strowman has been moving around as a solo Superstar for some time now, and it’s time the company starts experimenting with him before fans lose all interest in him.

One of the ways they can revive him and keep him relevant is by pairing him with someone like Cesaro or Mustafa Ali and giving him a good run as a tag team competitor.

While fans have never been in favor of odd makeshift tag teams, we have seen Dolph Ziggler push Drew McIntyre by helping him out. Apart from that, Bobby Roode is also paired with Ziggler to get a boost until the company finds a new direction for both men.

Keeping that in mind, it could be beneficial for Strowman to remain in the mix by forming a team with another Superstar who is waiting for a renewed singles push. A championship reign for the Superstars could benefit them in the long run and get them back on track.

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