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5 Ways to book Chris Jericho moving forward

Drink it in, guys. Chris Jericho is the best Raw has on its roster

Chris Jericho is easily WWE’s best talent at this time

Can we all take a moment and realize just how great Chris Jericho has been in his current stay with WWE?

Go ahead, drink it in.

While the red team is touting a new Universal Heavyweight Champion, Jericho is stealing the show. No disrespect to wrestlers like Seth Rollins or Kevin Owens or even that Reigns guy who now owns the United States heavyweight Championship. It is Jericho who is making Monday night raw a pleasure to watch.

The six-time WWE World Champion, the first undisputed World Champion in company history, and a nine-time Intercontinental Champion is what wrestling is all about. He is the perfect heel, the perfect antagonist, and is doing his best work without the accompaniment of a title. The 40-something wrestler is proving once again you don't need gold around your waist to be a champion.

WWE is in a good position when it comes to everyone's favorite heel. With a handful of pay-per-view events left and Jericho positioned as Kevin Owens muscle, there are plenty of options to book the BFF of the company champion.

Here is a look at five booking options for Jericho for the remainder of 2016.

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