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5 Ways to book Luke Harper's babyface run

Here are 5 programs/storylines that could definitely elevate him.

What’s in store for Harper as a singles competitor now?

Forever Bray Wyatt’s shadow, Luke Harper has been the dark horse of modern day sports entertainment. There is, at present, not one big man in the company that can put on the quality of matches that he does on a regular basis.

While his first singles run wasn’t a huge success at all, this time it seems like Luke Harper has far more momentum on his side. What’s in store for a babyface that looks and behaves in such an eerie and unconventional manner? We at Sportskeeda explore five real possibilities.

#5 Extending the feud with Wyatt/Orton

Their much-awaited contest can set WWE on fire

Yes, this is certainly the safest and most obvious route. Sometimes, the most obvious route is the best way to move ahead.

Luke Harper’s look, vibe and demeanour all exist as a direct result of the Wyatts. Even as a babyface, he isn't your traditional white meat clean-cut performer, he's an eccentric and strange individual. How does he fare without the support of the man who made him, shaped him, created him and gave him his very identity?

What happens when he goes one-on-one against a man who is not just a man, but a god, as he has claimed on several occasions in the past? More importantly, how does one Randy Orton fit into this whole confusing scenario?

The Viper has traditionally been his own man, except when he was a part of Legacy and Evolution. His intention to align for the Wyatt Family seems dubious in many ways really. Will the Wyatt family implode in the coming months? Will Harper be the man who causes the Wyatts’ dissolution?

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