5 ways WWE can finally turn Seth Rollins into a babyface again

Are you down to a Seth Freakin
Are you down for a Seth Freakin' Rollins face turn?

Seth Rollins, over the years, has undergone numerous character switches in WWE. Love him or hate him, wrestling fans can’t deny the fact that he is currently one of the most hardworking and dependable entertainment athletes.

WWE heavily relies on storylines involving babyfaces and heels. Seth Rollins is currently an effective heel and the United States Champion. The wrestling superstar has been on this villainous persona for quite a while now, and some fans are already musing about when they will see him turn face.

Babyface Seth Rollins…when?

WWE hasn’t teased anything about such a turn, and it’s likely that it will stay that way for a while considering the impressive promos Rollins has been dropping lately. But at what odds would make the company’s creative team change their minds?

#5. Some good stories to tell

Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins
Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins has been involved in numerous storylines where he was the heel. His Messiah and Visionary gimmicks were just two memorable phases of his career to date.

Now, if WWE can come up with a storyline for Seth Rollins as a face, it should be compelling enough for the WWE Universe. As far as fans can recall, his babyface storylines have been short-lived since they were lackluster.

#4. Character development

The way things are going, Seth Rollins is almost effortlessly making his fellow wrestlers' and the WWE crowd’s blood to boil.

Remember in 2021 where he was attacked by a fan during an episode of RAW? His heel character could be why such a thing has happened. Despite being one of the most terrifying experiences a pro-wrestler could ever encounter, this clearly shows how effective Seth Rollins is in portraying his role.

If he returns as a babyface, it should be as effective as he is now as a heel. The badassery of such a face character should surpass, or at least be at par with, his current persona.

#3. Wrestling style

Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins
Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins’ wrestling style in both his heel and face characters may look all the same, but there are subtle differences. During his babyface run, he made a lot of risky and high-flying moves as compared to heel runs.

This is because performing high-risk maneuvers usually generates huge audience responses. Rollins, who is currently a heel, should be getting less of those since his character’s requisite is to catch the ire of the wrestling crowd.

These dangerous dives and splashes will be seen more often once again provided that Seth Rollins turns face.

#2. His work while on the mic

Seth Rollins on a panel
Seth Rollins on a panel

It was earlier pointed out how good a heel Seth is when he’s on the mic. It’s easier for most wrestlers to do a heel promo instead of a babyface one since it can easily get a negative crowd response.

However, there were babyface promos that got the WWE crowd cheering for the wrestler. Fans might recall during the company’s Attitude Era where legends like The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin as faces entertained the crowd with their promos, whether it was giving Vickie Guerrero an insulting in-ring serenade or just opening a can of whoop-ass.

In line with this, returning superstar Bray Wyatt is currently billed by WWE as its top baby face. The company did a good job in one of his recent promos where he revealed the saddest moments that happened in his life while he was away and thanked fans for holding onto him. This was then cut short when a mysterious masked man appeared on the Titantron telling him to snap out of it.

WWE cooking up a promo as good as the above-mentioned can definitely be one of the reasons for a Rollins face turn.

#1. The Timing


Timing is also an important element in deciding on when a wrestler should return as a baby face. Case in point was when Seth tore his ACL, MCL, and Meniscus during a live event in Ireland back in 2015. WWE even made a documentary about it since the severity of the injury almost ended his career.

Fans who got to watch it had their sympathies for him and it was the right time for him to become a baby face and make an in-ring return. He could have received a loud pop if such a thing had happened.

However, the WWE writers did a complete 180 as he was promoted as a heel when he returned. Rollins returning as a heel during that time was uneventful to say the least.

WWE is under new leadership and it would be interesting to see how they make The Visionary a babyface if they decide.

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