5 Wrestling weapons in WWE which are real and 5 which are not

It's tough being a WWE Superstar!
It's tough being a WWE Superstar!

Weapons have been a huge part of pro-wrestling and WWE fans love whenever the Superstars pull out a weapon during a match. It is one of those elements that add to the intensity and impact of the match. No doubt, gimmick matches like TLC and Money in the Bank are fan favorites as WWE Superstars are free to use many weapons in the most creative way possible, which is a treat for the viewers.

But have you ever wondered whether all these weapons used by WWE are real or not? Well, it turns out that there are some WWE weapons which are 100% real, while there are some others, which WWE tampers with to make them safe. In any case, WWE Superstars are at a risk while using all of them.

So without further ado, let's take a look at the secrets behind the WWE weapons! Be sure to let me know which one is your favorite?

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#5 Real: Thumbtacks

Thumbtacks are arguably one of the most dangerous and scariest weapons used by WWE Superstars during matches. And this makes it even more shocking to know that the thumbtacks used are indeed real.

While these were very common in the Attitude Era, we don't really see them much on WWE Programming these days, except in the Asylum match between Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho at Extreme Rules 2016 where The Lunatic Fringe planted Y2J back first into a pile of thumbtacks. Ouch!

As revealed by several WWE Superstars, the more painful part is removing those thumbtacks after the match, and as you may have guessed, the pain lasts for more than a week.

#5 Not Real: Tables


Tables are one of the most commonly used weapons in WWE with the likes of Dudley Boyz making them very famous. WWE also has a special stipulation match dedicated to tables where you win by putting your opponent through one. Other than that, tables are used on several occasions during all the versions of a no disqualification match, which often leads to a huge pop from the crowd in attendance.

What many fans might not know is that WWE uses very thin wood to make these tables. The legs of the tables are also very apart, due to which when a wrestler lands in the middle of the table, it breaks with an explosive sound, making the spot look more impactful. In truth, tables are one of the safest WWE weapons but precaution needs to be taken.

#4 Real: Barbed Wire

Mick Foley with his favorite weapon!
Mick Foley with his favorite weapon!

Barbed wire is a WWE weapon made popular by the Hardcore Legend, Mick Foley. As one can imagine, it is one of the most dangerous WWE weapons as it can cause a severe injury to the Superstars. Interestingly, on many occasions, the Barbed Wire used is actually real. Batista opted to use a genuine barbed wire during his Hell in a Cell match with Triple H in 2005.

At the same time, there have been instances where WWE Superstars have used a "fake" barbed wire (with rubber tips) and it's completely fine. Mick Foley mentioned in his biography about his match with Triple H at Royal Rumble 2000, which featured a barbed wire bat throughout it.

Interestingly, the WWE Hall of Famer revealed that Triple H used a real barbed wire on him, but a gimmicked barbed wire was used whenever the Game took the hit. So, it pretty much depends on the Superstar but hats off to those who have the guts to use a real one.

#4 Not Real: Garbage Can

The garbage can was a very popular weapon during the Attitude Era, but is used on very few occasions these days. It is one of those weapons which is completely different from what we see in daily life. This is because the garbage can that WWE uses is either made of aluminium or tin, hence it does very little to no damage to the WWE Superstar which it is used on.

Interestingly, it can soften the blow for the wrestlers during moves like Shane McMahon's Coast-to-Coast, where he often places a garbage can in front of his opponent. It actually gives a cushioned impact to the WWE Superstar taking the move. Wow, that's pretty smart, right?

#3 Real: Sledgehammer

The sledgehammer was introduced in WWE by Triple H, and since has been a huge part of his wrestling persona. While he initially used a fake sledgehammer with a rubber head, WWE later allowed him to use a real one.

While hitting someone with a sledgehammer could be deadly, Triple H uses his hand to cover the metal part of the weapon, making it safe for him to use it on his opponents. But there's no doubt that whenever The Game brings out a sledgehammer, he gets a huge pop from the WWE Universe.

#3 Not Real: Kendo Stick

The kendo stick is one of the most popular WWE weapons, used quite frequently in WWE matches and segments. The kendo stick that WWE Superstars use is made up of hollow wood, hence often breaks apart after a few strikes. One could see tapes on both sides of a kendo stick, which holds it together for a few strikes before it breaks.

But that does not mean that it is completely risk-free as WWE Superstars have to use it wisely on their opponents. There have been instances of a kendo stick causing injury to a WWE Superstar, like The Big Show at WWE One Night Stand in 2008.

#2 Real: Chains


WWE Superstar John Cena is famous for using chains during his matches, which can be used in several ways. We have seen Superstars use them to enhance the pain during their submission moves, while some also wrap it around their wrist to knock out their opponents with a punch.

These chains used in WWE matches are completely real, and it is up to the WWE Superstars to use them safely to not hurt their opponents.

#2 Not Real: Guitar

It was Jeff Jerrett who made the guitar a popular weapon in WWE, who used to smash his guitar on the opponent's head. The guitar exploding on someone's head, breaking into pieces, and making a loud noise looked great on television as well as for the live crowd.

The truth about these guitars is that while they are real, they are tampered and made incredibly light and breakable so that the WWE Superstar taking a hit does not get injured badly.

Currently, WWE Superstar Elias uses it frequently on WWE television either hitting someone with his guitar or being hit himself. I was fortunate enough to be in the crowd during one of the most famous guitar moments in modern-day WWE when Braun Strowman brought a huge bass and broke it on Elias.

#1 Real: Steel Chairs

Steel chairs are one of the most frequently used WWE weapons, with WWE Superstars often taking out their opponent with chair shots during a match or a segment. These steel chairs are indeed real with the only difference between them and a regular steel chair is that the rivets are broken so that it can be folded flat and used as a weapon.

Of course, WWE Superstars have to practice using a steel chair as a weapon in a way that it does not hurt their opponent, while also making it look like a real chair shot. While chair-shots to the head were common in WWE earlier, Vince McMahon has banned them due to the risk of concussions. Even after all the precautions, there have been many instances of injuries due to chair shots.

#1 Not Real: Ladder


As with the steel chairs, the ladders are also one of the most commonly used and effective weapons used in WWE. They are used for two purposes - either to climb on them to reach something high above the ring, or using them as weapons. The first-ever ladder match in WWE/WWF took place in 1992 between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. Later, the Hardy Boyz made the ladder matches very popular.

As seen during Money in the Bank matches, multiple wrestlers often climb on a ladder at the same time, due to which WWE has to make them strong enough. But at the same time, the ladder has to be made safe to use it as a weapon. Due to this, the steel used in the ladders is hollow. Also, the ladders are made weak in the middle for spots where a WWE Superstar goes through it, breaking it into two.

In the end, while there are certain not-so-real or gimmicked weapons used by WWE, they all have to be used very carefully to avoid injuries! WWE Superstars indeed take a risk by using these weapons during their matches for our entertainment.

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