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5 best WWE games with free download for Android

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Let’s face it, A diehard fan can never get enough of WWE. Those unforgettable days of our childhood where we spent countless hours in front of the mirror and every other feel good location, aping our favourite wrestlers and their moves will forever be etched in our memory.Unfortunately, real life has a glitch called adulthood which eventually catches up with us all, putting an end to such cherished memories. However, thanks to the advent of technology and the wonders of gaming, we can still enjoy the thrill of WWE whenever and wherever we fancy. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the 5 best  WWE games with free download for Android.

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#1 WWE Immortals

There’s no better game, to sum up, the list of 5 best WWE games with free download for Android than WWE Immortals. Why give Call of Duty and its zombies all the importance when WWE has something equally brilliant in its kitty?

Set in a supernatural world, WWE Immortals enables you to play as your favourite wrestler and wield some extremely destructive immortal powers. Warner Bros did a really brilliant job of including some Mortal Kombat elements into Immortals, creating a truly clutter breaking game in the process.

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All you Android users cum WWE fans, this is one game you must have. Download it if you haven’t already.

#2 WWE Supercard

Remember the days when we spent almost all our pocket money on WWE trading cards, thinking that it was the best investment ever? Well, it was a pretty good way to spend money, but then adulthood came in the way. Once again, thanks to technology, we can rekindle those wonderful memories through WWE Supercard without our wallet taking a major hit.

Not only do you have access to over 700 cards, but also a whole universe of people to pit your cards against. Of course, the ability to unlock even more cards and win even more rewards adds to the game’s hook factor. Not to forget the King of the Ring tournament, which enables 16 players to battle each other for many exciting hours.


All in all, WWE Supercard and all its awesomeness totally justifies its status as one of the 5 best WWE games with free download for Android. What’s stopping you from downloading it?

#3 WWE Presents: Rockpocalypse

Granted, it may not be available on the Play Store anymore but that fact does little to take away the awesome factor of WWE Presents: Rockoicalypse. Plus, is there any wrestling fan on earth that doesn’t go gaga over the wrestling phenomenon that is the Rock?

Rockpocalypse sees you play as the Rock (which is pretty darn obvious by now) on a mission to obliterate enemy forces who have taken control of his film set, which is conveniently called Studio 51.

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All in all, it’s a hardcore beat em up game with some decent graphics that promises hours upon hours of entertaining gameplay. Let’s hope you enjoyed it while it lasted.

#4 Wrestling Revolution 3D

Another game that deserves a place on this list of 5 WWE games with free download for Android is Wrestling Revolution 3D. Loaded with some excellent graphics and sleek player movements, Wrestling Revolution 3D is perfectly capable of holding its own when pitted against its peers.

Not only does Wrestling Revolution 3D enable you to play as a wrestler but also allows you to be a bookie and handle the backstage side of things. Besides accommodating new challenges, this feature also ups the game’s interesting factor, making Wrestling Revolution 3D impossible to get bored of.

Downloading it from the Play Store would be a wise idea. 

#5 Real Wrestling 3D

Okay, this isn’t an ‘official’ WWE game but it’s a worthy substitute for the real product. Packed with amazing graphics and some cool fighting moves, Real Wrestling 3D promises the excitement of wrestling and the intensity of MMA in one strong package.

The game’s superb touch responsive controls give way to some incredible fighting techniques consisting of various takedowns, locks, grappling, etc. It’s just a free download away so get it on your small screen as soon as possible.

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