5 WWE Hall of Famers' wives/partners and their professions

WWE Hall of Famer DDP with his wife
WWE Hall of Famer DDP with his wife

#4. WWE Hall of Famer Kane – Crystal Maurissa Jacobs

Kane is one of the greatest superstars in WWE history. He joined the company in 1995 and has been with it ever since. Being a Grand Slam and Triple Crown Champion, the 54-year-old entered the WWE Hall of Fame this year.

Outside the ring, Kane has had a lot of success too. He has been the Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee since 2018. The former WWE Champion is also married with two kids.

The WWE Hall of Famer has been married to the same woman, Crystal Maurissa Jacobs, since 1995. Jacobs holds a Master’s degree in Psychology and has worked as a counselor at East Tennessee State University for several years.

Kane's wife is currently the president of her and her husband's insurance and real estate company. She is also the director of Kane's Crusaders non-profit organization. The organization aims to bring joy into the lives of sick children in East Tennessee. It also works to enhance the health and well-being of kids in the region.

The WWE Hall of Famer recently made an appearance on SmackDown to celebrate Bianca Belair in Knoxville. He presented the former SmackDown Women's Champion with a key to the county.

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