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5 WWE legends who will be retired by WrestleMania 35

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In the history of pro wrestling, there have been many legends who have come, and many legends who have gone. Retirement is just a part of the process, and as some legends ride off into the sunset, newer, younger stars emerge ready to take the spot.

With WWE, 2019 is a very interesting year, because, for the first time in this decade, we can safely say that the dominance of part-timers is coming to an end. We've seen the legends take major spots at WrestleMania time and again the last few years, only to disappear from WWE programming after that.

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It could be argued that the transition should have happened much earlier, but better late than never. It's come to the point where the prime of these legends have long gone, and they'll step aside so that the younger superstars of today can shine. Let's take a look at a few legends who will most certainly call it quits this year.

#5. Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle receives a hero's welcome in his hometown of Pittsburgh.

This one is already confirmed because, on the 11th March episode of Monday Night RAW, Kurt Angle revealed to the world that he's going to have his farewell match at WrestleMania. There were initially rumors that Angle has already retired and won't be getting a farewell, but it was the right move on WWE's part to allow him to call it quits on his terms.

While Angle has expressed the desire to wrestle a lot of young talent, it's quite clear that he's physically way past his prime and can no longer really go at the highest level anymore. That's alright because Angle has entertained fans for years, both in WWE and in TNA/Impact Wrestling.

Hopefully, he faces the right opponent at WrestleMania 35, and puts them over and endorses them as they rightfully should be.

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