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5 WWE superstars that deserve to be Intercontinental Champion in 2017

With the Intercontinental Championship becoming the most important title on SDLive, which Superstars deserve to hold it in 2017?

Baron Corbin posing at a WWE photoshoot
Corbin could bring much-need stability to the IC title

With all the incredible work the Miz has put into the Intercontinental Championship over the past year, the title is now one of the cornerstones of Tuesday nights. The title needs to not only stay in the spotlight but needs worthy talents to hold it.

The incredible momentum it currently possesses needs to be upheld at all means possible. In 2017, the belt needs to go into the hands of Superstars that can take it to new heights or at least sustain its' current relevance.   

Here are five WWE Superstars from the SmackDown roster that I feel deserve to be Intercontinental Champions in 2017.

#5 Heath Slater

Heath Slater in the ring with a microphone on Monday Night Raw
Slater is a 3-time tag team champion

Perhaps one of, if not, the most overlooked Superstar on the SmackDown roster, Heath Slater has been on WWE television for close to seven years. He made his official main roster debut on February 16th,  2010 as part of the infamous Nexus angle. 

Despite atrocious WWE booking post-Nexus, Slater has managed to stay relevant with the WWE universe, even becoming a low card favourite at times. Now it's time for him to transition into the main event talent we always knew he could be.

The whole 'I Got Kids' storyline was heartwarming and nice to cheer for, but it's time for the one man band to take his career to new heights. It's time for the former inaugural SmackDown Tag Team champion to cut all ties with Rhyno and go on a path that leads to singles competition greatness.

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