5 WWE Superstars from Tough Enough 2015: Where are they now?

Where are the cast of WWE Tough Enough in 2022
Where are the cast of WWE Tough Enough in 2022

The wrestling world was recently rocked by the news of former WWE Superstar Sara Lee passing away this week at the age of 30.

Lee was the winner of Tough Enough 2015 along with Josh Bredl and went on to work for WWE for a year before her release in 2016. The star since welcomed three children with her husband, Wesley Blake, and was one of the most respected members of the roster.

It's been seven years since she won WWE's stand-out competition. So, where are some of the other contestants who competed alongside Sara Lee on the show?

#5. Mandy Rose was the runner-up

Mandy Rose (real-life Amanda Rose Saccomanno) was the runner-up in Tough Enough 2015 and went on to be hired by WWE. Rose immediately made an impact as part of Total Divas before going on to wrestle a few matches on NXT.

Mandy Rose was part of Absolution when she made her debut on the main roster before her best friend Sonya Deville turned on her, and the two women entered a profoundly personal feud.

Rose is now in NXT, where she is the leader of Toxic Attraction and the reigning NXT Women's Champion.

#4. Sonya Deville

Sonya Deville entered Tough Enough with a background in MMA but was one of the first stars to be eliminated and finished 11th overall. Despite this, she was signed to a contract and went on to make an impact in NXT before joining Absolution alongside Paige and Mandy Rose.

The stable was short-lived, and Deville later lost her feud against Rose and was forced to leave the company for several months.

Since her return, Deville has been seen as a WWE official but was recently relieved of her services and is now seen as one of the competitors on SmackDown.

#3. ZZ


ZZ was the male runner-up for the show and was always seen as quite the character on-screen. As someone who wrestled alligators before entering the competition, it's no surprise that he returned to it following his exit from the spotlight.

The former Tough Enough competitor was another star who was signed to the company following the show but was released in the summer of 2016. He has since left the pro wrestling business and now works as an alligator trainer and guide as part of Zam's Swamp Tour.

#2. Velveteen Dream

Patrick Clark (Velveteen Dream) responded to EC3 on IG Live.

Velveteen Dream was known as Patrick Clarke throughout his stint on Tough Enough. However, after finishing ninth in the competition, he revamped himself and debuted as Velveteen Dream on NXT.

Dream was one of the brand's most popular stars for several years and even picked up the North American Championship. But December 2020 was the final time Dream was seen on NXT before his release in May 2021 after five months of inactivity.

The former NXT star has since been involved in several legal issues and has been arrested numerous times. He recently shared an Instagram Live video reacting to the allegations made about him by former Superstar EC3.

#1. Josh Bredl was joint winner of WWE Tough Enough


Josh Bredl was the joint winner of Tough Enough alongside Sara Lee, and both stars were handed a year-long contract with WWE.

During his time in the promotion, Bredl went by the ring name Bronson Matthews. Following a controversial tweet in 2016, he was banned from the NXT locker room and later released from the company in November 2017.

Bredl has since developed a fitness app using his WWE nickname, The Yeti. The former WWE star has also made his mark in MMA and has worked several fights for AMV.

Everyone at Sportskeeda sends their thoughts to Sara Lee and her family at this difficult time.

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