5 WWE Superstars who are possibly facing backstage heat

Before we get started let me make something clear, the feature is totally based upon rumors and speculations
Before we get started let me make something clear, the feature is totally based upon rumors and speculations
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"Backstage Heat" a popular wrestling term.

Though it doesn't happen quite often, sometimes superstars make the worst mistakes while working in the ring, such as not fighting safe or injuring superstars. These types of mishaps happen from time to time, but only a few times do superstars end up facing backstage heat. After all, the term itself isn't good, so would any superstar want to have it?

In this feature, we're going to take a look at those superstars who are possibly facing backstage heat in the WWE. Before we get started let me make something clear, the feature is totally based upon rumors and speculations...

#5 Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman
Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman is always seen as a future champion and a top-guy. Currently, Strowman is out of action due to the injury that he has suffered a few weeks back. Also, Strowman has undergone successful surgery and is expected to fight Baron Corbin at TLC PPV.

According to rumors, Strowman is facing backstage heat right now in the company. The possible reason for it is believed to be him arriving late at weekly shows and departing a little bit earlier.

Also, he's rumored to have poor locker room etiquette in the locker room. Due to this, it's believed that WWE officials have taken a step back from him and cooled him down, possibly for now. I guess this could be why Universal Title wasn't put on him at the WWE Crown Jewel PPV and his push has been affected as of lately.

If the rumor is true, I have to say that Braun has done it at an absolute wrong time. Just when WWE was about to make him a champion, he became his own worst enemy.

#4-3 The Usos

The Usos
The Usos

The Usos are the prime example of how a tag team of this generation should be. After all, they are inarguably the best team of this generation and possibly of all time. The Usos are five-time WWE Tag-Team Champions.

The Samoan brothers have put on some great matches as of lately. With their new found attitude they were on the top of WWE Tag Team division, but suddenly they have found themselves on kick-off show rather than on the main show.

Rumor has it that The Usos are facing backstage heat in the company. The reason for them facing heat is still unknown. I guess, the heat that The Usos were facing is probably cooled down now because The Usos are back in the title picture.

Also, they are now scheduled to face Sheamus and Cesaro and The New Day at the upcoming TLC PPV for the SmackDown Tag-Team Titles. And who knows? If everything goes well for The Usos, we may see them holding the titles for the sixth time in their career.

#2 Nia Jax

Nia Jax
Nia Jax

Nia Jax recently returned from her injury on Raw a few months back. After coming straight from hiatus, she cemented her place in a championship match against Ronda Rousey. The match is scheduled to take place at TLC PPV.

As of lately, Nia Jax is receiving a good heel reaction from the fans. The fans are disappointed to see how she's being pushed after what went down on Raw a week before Survivor Series.

Just a week before Survivor Series, the women of SmackDown Live took the women of the Raw brand by storm. During the siege, Becky was busted open by the punch thrown by Nia Jax. Due to this Lynch suffered a concussion and was written off Survivor Series.

Though the whole incident was just an accident, according to the rumor Nia has picked up backstage heat for injuring Becky as the injury happened at an absolute unfortunate time.

#1 Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar might be the strongest superstar ever to step foot into the WWE ring, but The Beast Incarnate landed himself into a troubling situation a few weeks ago.

A week before Survivor Series, Brock Lesnar appeared to promote his match, as he was about to face Daniel Bryan on Sunday, but he was interrupted by The "Modern Day Maharaja" Jinder Mahal and The Singh Brothers.

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As Jinder and co. were trying to give some meditation tips, which Lesnar didn't like, the Beast attacked them out of nowhere. During the brawl, he monster-handled Sunil Singh by giving him explosive yet dangerous German Suplexes where Singh landed on his neck.

Due to this unsafe move Lesnar, it was rumored he was criticized by many WWE superstars and WWE officials as all superstars are responsible for each other's safety no matter they are working together in the ring or against each other. Eventually, Lesnar reportedly ended up receiving heat for his actions.

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