5 WWE Superstars who must never turn heel

Some Superstars should just remain a face for the rest of their careers
Some Superstars should just remain a face for the rest of their careers
Divesh Merani
Modified 14 Feb 2020
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Being a babyface in WWE is pretty tough for a variety of reasons. There is a more rigid structure that Superstars need to adhere to when cutting promos and sometimes, the material handed to them is not always the best.

In various cases, the simple solution for a floundering face is to turn them heel. And it has worked wonders for refreshing the character in question, look at Seth Rollins for example.

But there are a few members on the roster who are complete babyfaces and should never turn heel. These Superstars have way too much going for them as good guys, whether it is their likeability, in-ring style, or their connection with the crowd.

While some of them are evidently not turning heel, WE must ensure that these five faces remain heroes for the rest of their time in the company.

#5 Ricochet

How can you hate his insane flips?
How can you hate his insane flips?

What makes Ricochet so wonderful to watch is his ability to do the impossible. His wrestling style is so exciting that fans of all ages cannot help but stare in awe at the jaw-dropping feats he performs.

However, recent months have slowed Ricochet's growth on Monday Night RAW. His 'real-life Superhero' promos were not exactly weighed in gold, as he will probably tell you himself, but there is always scope for improvement in the promo department.

The former United States Champion is as likeable outside the ring as he is brilliant inside it, as documented during the recently released 'WWE 24: WrestleMania New York' special on the WWE Network.

Even when Ricochet flexes his insane acrobatic skills, we cannot hate him for it. Him responding to Velveteen Dream with a wordless dive from the ring to the floor in NXT is simply golden.

Hopefully, WWE does a better job in booking Ricochet and allowing him to share his rare high-flying abilities with the world. They are what make him one of the best wrestlers in the world. A heel turn would only distance himself from what made him a WWE Superstar.

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Published 14 Feb 2020
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