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5 WWE Superstars who will never wrestle for another company

Gary Cassidy
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Some men will always be part of the WWE
Some men will always be part of the WWE

2019 already looks to be an explosive year for wrestling with the world outside of WWE set for a revival of sorts, with several WWE Superstars requesting their release as they look to join the revolution.

It's a very exciting time, but it's also a very uncertain one. WWE is notorious for stockpiling talent and, with so many shows and the risk of injuries, you can kind of see why - but this does come with its pitfalls.

When you have so much talent in one place, it's only logical that not everyone can hit the top and achieve their full potential - and of course, that leaves others unhappy. However, some Superstars are at the top of the chain and will never leave, some are happy where they are and enjoy the security - and some are just loyal to the company regardless.

Is the grass greener on the other side? Quite simply, it depends. Some wrestlers will take the risk and check, some would rather not risk there being no grass on the other side at all.

Chris Jericho laid down a hefty precedent in late 2017 when he appeared in New Japan Pro Wrestling, challenging Kenny Omega, and subsequently appearing in a non-WWE wrestling ring for the first time shortly after. Since then, he's appeared at ALL IN and recently shocked the world by signing with AEW despite allegedly being offered a WWE deal.

Chris Jericho, though, is not the exception, with stars like Dean Ambrose and The Revival reportedly seeking new adventures - so is there anyone who will definitely stay in WWE no matter what? Sure, and I have five names right now who will never wrestle outside of WWE.

#5 The Undertaker

Undertaker is a staple of WWE
Undertaker is a staple of WWE

Now, where else could we start? The Undertaker is Mr. WWE. The character of The Undertaker has never been seen outside WWE, and the man behind the persona very rarely had until recently as well.

The Deadman is a staple of WWE and, while he may have been through a very gruelling battle with Father Time, it looks like he's come out the other end unscathed if his Crown Jewel and Super Show-Down performances are anything to go by.


We may very well have seen the last of the Undertaker but then again, we all thought that back when Roman Reigns defeated him in 2017 at WrestleMania, prompting a whole year to pass before Taker would take on John Cena. However, you wouldn't bet against The Deadman making a triumphant return at any point in time, just with one strike of a gong.

Will we ever see Undertaker in the squared circle again? If we do, it'll definitely be in a WWE ring.

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