5 WWE tag teams and factions that need to break up in 2024

Damage CTRL and Street Profits
Damage CTRL and The Street Profits [Image Credits: wwe.com]

Over the last few years, WWE has put a significant focus on building factions and accentuating the tag teams on the main roster. As a result, several duos and stables have emerged in recent years, as could be seen on both rosters on Monday Night RAW and Friday Night SmackDown.

However, a few of them have seemingly run their course and there's a need for a change. The company must split a few groups and teams to pave the way for a fresh start for numerous superstars on the main roster. The list includes some of the top stables and duos.

Let's look at five tag teams and factions that need to break up in 2024.

#5. #DIY

#DIY is one of the most renowned tag teams in WWE, consisting of Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano. While it could be debatable, the duo needs to break up, as they have been struggling to leave a mark on the main roster for quite some time. Ciampa and Gargano must embark on their solo run on SmackDown.

For those unaware, they have been indomitable forces as singles stars back in their NXT days. Therefore, WWE needs to break #DIY to revitalize their careers and put them in the singles division, which could pave the way for several incredible feuds and storylines on the blue brand.

Tommaso Ciampa could once again establish himself as an unstoppable heel, reigniting his NXT aura and bringing back his old gimmick on the main roster.

#4. Alpha Academy

Alpha Academy is one of the factions that needs to break up imminently in WWE. Despite Chad Gable's recent heel turn, Otis, Tozawa and Maxxine Dupri have been arguably holding him back from letting Gable fully unravel his villainous side.

Therefore, the Alpha Academy needs to break up, which will pave the way for several astounding things. Otis, who has been receiving babyface reactions lately, could embark on his singles run on Monday Night RAW as a top babyface.

Moreover, it will pave the way for Chad Gable to form a new faction with the Creed Brothers, which has been anticipated for a long time. This will also lead Gable to fully become a vicious and more dominant heel on Monday Night RAW.

#3. The Street Profits

One of the popular tag teams that needs to split up in 2024 is The Street Profits. The WWE Universe has been vociferously clamoring to see Montez Ford receive a singles push in the Stamford-based promotion. However, despite fans' demand, the company never went with the idea.

Ford and Dawkins have been together as a tag team on the main roster for a long time now and hence they need a new direction. WWE needs to pull the trigger and break up The Street Profits this year, which will pave the way for the singles run of both superstars, which could take their careers to new heights.

While Montez Ford could become one of the biggest babyfaces on SmackDown, Angelo Dawkins could evolve into one of the most vicious heels in WWE.

#2. Damage CTRL

Damage CTRL dominated the SmackDown women's division for the majority of 2024. However, the group has seemingly lost its spark after their feud with Bayley ended and got drafted to Monday Night RAW. With Asuka currently injured and Dakota Kai and Kairi Sane wandering directionless, the group seems to be in a shambolic state with nothing much left to do as a team.

Therefore, Damage CTRL needs to break up this year, which could herald several intriguing things for each superstar on the red brand. IYO SKY could bring back her Io Shirai gimmick and embark on her singles run, reigniting the fire within her that she had back in her NXT days.

Moreover, Dakota Kai could also make a name for herself as a singles star in the women's division on the main roster. She could establish herself as a top star in WWE, which could catapult her to the main event scene.

#1. The Judgment Day ruled WWE RAW

While The Bloodline ruled SmackDown over the last few years, The Judgment Day also became a top faction in the company and ruled RAW. However, since Rhea Ripley went on hiatus due to an injury, the group seems to be in a precarious state, with various conflicts surrounding it.

Dominik Mysterio is currently involved in a storyline with Liv Morgan, while Finn Balor's WWE career has seemingly taken quite a downfall. All the superstars arguably need a fresh start on the roster, which could rejuvenate their careers. Therefore, The Judgment Day needs to break up this year which will pave the way for several astounding things.

Damian Priest and Finn Balor could once again embark on their singles careers, which fans have been longing to see. Priest could potentially turn into a babyface, while Balor could become a more vicious heel as a singles star. The Punisher might feud with the former Universal Champion on Monday Night RAW.

On the other hand, Dominik Mysterio could become fully involved with the current Women's World Champion and form an alliance with her. He could play a pivotal role in the potential Rhea Ripley vs. Liv Morgan rivalry, which could culminate at some point in WWE upon Mami's return.

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