Chad Gable to debut a new faction after ditching Alpha Academy? Potential clues decoded

Chad Gable and Otis
Tensions are brewing within the Alpha Academy. [Image credits:]

Chad Gable has been exasperated with the Alpha Academy lately as his stablemates have failed to live up to his expectations. From the events that have been transpiring on Monday Night RAW in recent weeks, it looks like WWE is sowing the seeds for the potential alliance of the much-anticipated group of Gable and the Creed Brothers.

The Stamford-based promotion has been dropping subtle clues on RAW every week, which seems to indicate the debut of a new potential faction. Week after week, Master Gable has been reprimanding his stablemates for their actions but to no avail. It looks like he has been trying to get rid of them, as the former RAW Tag Team Champion believes his teammates have been holding him back.

Gable has been disrespecting Otis, Akira Tozawa, and Maxxine Dupri for several weeks in a row, which is seemingly reaching its boiling point. Fans might get to see the rest of the Alpha Academy members turning against Master Gable, which could result in the implosion of the faction. On the other hand, Brutus and Julius Creed have been struggling to get victories on Monday Night RAW, as they have been failing to capitalize on every opportunity they are getting on the red brand.

The fact that the Creed Brothers have been losing constantly could lead them to introspect themselves and look out for change. Chad Gable and the Creed Brothers are seemingly on the same ship, as they are frustrated with their current situation.

This seems to be a major clue that WWE is heading in the potential direction of bringing all three superstars together and forming a new faction on Monday Night RAW. Hence, it looks like a matter of time before Gable ditches the Alpha Academy and joins forces with the Creed Brothers.

Chad Gable ditching Alpha Academy could open doors for his quest for redemption in WWE

Ever since Gunther was the Intercontinental Champion, Chad Gable has been on a quest to capture the coveted title. However, he failed every time doing that, regardless of who the champion was. Master Gable's most recent loss came at the King and Queen of the Ring Premium Live Event, where he failed to win the Intercontinental Championship in a Triple Threat Match against Bronson Reed and Sami Zayn.

Gable, who believes the Alpha Academy has been holding him back, could soon get rid of the faction. The 38-year-old star's ditching his stable could open the doors to his quest for redemption. He could join forces with the Creed Brothers and go after the Intercontinental Championship once again.

However, this time, Chad Gable could finally dethrone Sami Zayn and go on to capture the prized title. He could not only redeem himself but also put an end to his long wait to become a champion. Besides, his alliance with Brutus and Julius Creed could help him dominate the men's division on Monday Night RAW.

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