6 Superstars Triple H Was Wrong About

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Modified 21 Mar 2021
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Today in WWE, Triple H is a fantastic and ruthless businessman who will surely take WWE to new heights when and if Vince McMahon ever steps down. One big thing that fans really like about Triple H today is that he seems to have a very good idea of what stars in WWE can be, and that is the next big thing. He has used this as one of his ways of making his NXT brand probably the most popular aspect of WWE today, at least in terms of internet viewership and critical reception.

While he may have a keen eye today, he has very much overlooked a lot of fantastic talent in the past, both during his time as a full-time wrestler and his current role backstage. WWE has had many talented performers who could have been the face of the WWE, only for The Game to say no.

He has often been criticized for 'burying' talent, a claim that has spanned over two decades in the WWE.

In this article, we look at six such wrestlers who Triple H was wrong about.

#6 Mr. Anderson

Ken McMahon?
Ken McMahon?

When Mr. Kennedy debuted on the WWE main roster in 2005, he had so much potential. Unfortunately, he seemed to be plagued by a few back-to-back injuries, but despite this, it never seemed to dwindle WWE management's interest in pushing him to the moon.

Within two years (and a lot less taking in his injury time), Kennedy had been WWE United States Champion, had challenged for the World Heavyweight Championship on pay-per-view, won the 'Money in The Bank' and had several high profile victories over The Undertaker, Batista, Booker T, Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit, Kane and more.

Following his return from injury, Kennedy was already put back into big plans as he was the leading candidate backstage to be revealed as Vince McMahon's illegitimate son. As revealed by Kennedy in more than one interview, and even referenced on Impact Wrestling, Triple H was the one who ''got in Vince's ear'' to convince him that Kennedy wasn't 'The Guy'. Following this, Kennedy stuck to mid-card feuds and, following another round of serious injuries, was released by WWE in 2009.


As Mr. Anderson, he would go onto perform for TNA Impact Wrestling for over 5 years, where he became a 2 time TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Kennedy has been critical of how he was treated in the WWE and has often been vocal about the same.

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Published 21 Mar 2021, 16:14 IST
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