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6 Confessions WWE Superstars made after their release

Former WWE Superstars have made some surprising confessions after their release
Former WWE Superstars have made some surprising confessions after their release
Ali Akber
Modified 12 Feb 2021
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Getting into WWE is one of the biggest dreams of almost every professional wrestler out there. The Superstars competing in the company today have worked hard for several years and some even failed many tryouts before coming back and not giving up.

However, getting released by WWE can be extremely heartbreaking for Superstars as it can show that they failed to achieve what they dreamt of achieving. While many Superstars have taken a release in their stride and have come back to the company to reach new heights, others have struggled to do the same.

Superstars usually take to social media following their release or appear in interviews to talk about what went wrong. Several former Superstars have also revealed some interesting details following their release from the company.

With that as the focus of this article, let’s take a look at the six WWE Superstars who made confessions following their release from the company.

#6 WWE writers possibly did not like working with Austin Aries

Just like AJ Styles, Austin Aries was seen as a top wrestler whom fans loved to see wrestle in WWE. The former TNA World Champion finally joined WWE in January 2016, and many fans were glad to see him appear in the biggest wrestling entertainment promotion.

Aries tried to join WWE on several occasions earlier but failed to do so. He even auditioned for WWE during the 2011 Tough Enough competition. The Superstar had a brief run in Vince McMahon's promotion but was released just 18 months later.

Rumors began to spread that Aries was difficult to work with, and therefore WWE decided to part ways with him. Following his release, Aries was on a media conference call where he revealed that WWE creative might have found it difficult to work with him.

"I'll bet you some of the WWE writers probably didn't like working with me very much because understand that in that environment, when I'm given something that the writers hand me, if I have any things that I think should be adjusted or things that I wouldn't personally say, as someone who's been doing this for 17 years and as a writer it's not easy for us to just go and change those things, but then to have to march back into the office and have those things changed for them. So the process is a little tedious, and to me, it really takes a lot of the artistic and creative freedoms away from the wrestlers. If there are any writers that had any issues with me while I was in WWE, they certainly never expressed that to me. That's something that was never brought to my attention, so I can't speak on anonymous reports."

Aries surprisingly revealed that even a wrestling veteran like him did not have creative freedom in WWE. He spoke about how it was difficult for the writers to change the script for him and get approval from the higher-ups.

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Published 12 Feb 2021, 21:38 IST
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