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6 WWE Superstars that could be new disciples of Seth Rollins on SmackDown

Is Seth Rollins going to try to be the Savior of SmackDown?
Is Seth Rollins going to try to be the Savior of SmackDown?
Modified 18 Oct 2020, 14:38 IST
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Seth Rollins not only moved from Monday nights to Friday nights, but he is also now a leader without a disciple. Murphy was long his steadfast ally, but even though WWE had them both drafted the blue brand, Murphy is now opposing his former messiah. Instead of defending his prior master against the Mysterios on the latest SmackDown, the former disciple himself attacked Rollins and tried to shake the hands of the Mysterios. It was a good way for WWE to continue the feud on the season premiere of SmackDown.

A big part of the Monday Night Messiah gimmick was having lackeys for Rollins to "buy-in" to his rhetoric. It also provided any opponent in a feud a match before getting their hands on Rollins. But now that he is without a disciple and on a new show, what will become of the former Monday Night Messiah?

It is about time Rollins finds new disciples or at least one person to follow him. Murphy was elevated in WWE by working with Rollins and he even had a run as RAW Tag Team Champ alongside the multi-time Champion.

Since so much has changed due to the 2020 WWE Draft, could one of the news faces drafted to SmackDown become a disciple of Rollins? Could we see another star debut or return to be his ally? Here are some possibilities for new disciples for Seth Rollins now that he will try to save SmackDown.

#6 Shorty G could become Seth Rollins' disciple on WWE SmackDown

Shorty G needs a new direction.
Shorty G needs a new direction.

Let's be honest - Shorty G is excellent in the ring but is hampered by his unfortunate name/gimmick. Rey Mysterio is shorter than Gable, but WWE doesn't refer to him as Shorty Mysterio.

Shorty G has been on SmackDown for most of his main-roster tenure. He's always shown that he has the in-ring portion of his game nailed, so much so that a lot of fans are reminded of a young Kurt Angle. For whatever reason, however, he isn't booked too well.


WWE could give Gable a massive push if he became the newest disciple of Rollins. Rollins could tell him that no one has treated him with any respect despite his in-ring talent. It wouldn't be a lie from Rollins but more so an admission that he isn't being respected by his peers. The Shorty G gimmick had a brief high point in the finals of the 2019 King of the Ring tournament, but he needs a big change. Following Rollins could be that change for a talented WWE Superstar like Shorty G.

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Published 18 Oct 2020, 14:38 IST
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