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WrestleMania 35: 7 Major things that WWE must do at the PPV

How can WWE make this event epic?
How can WWE make this event epic?
Modified 28 Mar 2019, 17:51 IST
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WrestleMania 35 might be the most stacked card in the pay-per-view's history, as this year we will see multiple title matches, several grudge matches, and more than one dream match, but all those matches won't benefit the event if WWE doesn't have a proper booking plan in place.

The success or failure of this event solely depends whether WWE's structure of WrestleMania 35 is strong enough to hold people's attention for many hours on end, as this is an event that promises seven hours or longer, and no one wants to sit through seven hours of terrible booking.

So, there are a few key factors WWE need to consider with regards to ensuring that this event is paced correctly, matches are booked efficiently, and narratives are wrapped up in a manner that feels logical. Here are seven things WWE must do at WrestleMania this year.

#7 Drew McIntyre must defeat Reigns

Reigns does not need this win.

When Drew McIntyre beat down Roman Reigns on Raw a few weeks ago, fans knew that the former NXT Champion was going to face Reigns at Wrestlemania, and surprisingly enough many members of the WWE Universe dreaded this decision by the company. As everyone knows that whoever goes up against Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania will not come away with the victory, and even more importantly their credibility will be damaged in the process.

McIntyre is quite possibly a much more important star than Reigns at the moment, as this is a man that feels authentic in a world of gimmicks, and by having him possibly lose the biggest match of his career will halt his push. This is a match that Roman Reigns doesn't need to win, as his credibility in the WWE will never be dented in any loss, yet many fear that Reigns coming back from his hiatus automatically makes him the victor in this contest.

And that is something that doesn't bode well for the rising McIntyre, but WWE needs to think long term, and if that means Reigns suffering a loss to McIntyre, then they should go for it, as Drew could be a future World Champion that brings some credibility back to the product.

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Published 28 Mar 2019, 17:51 IST
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