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7 WWE Superstars who performed incredible feats of strength 

  • How did Goldberg manage to lift The Giant?
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Modified 22 Mar 2019, 14:07 IST
Cena and Goldberg displaying an incredible amount of strength
Cena and Goldberg displaying an incredible amount of strength

Professional wrestling is all about muscled up wrestlers showing off their in-ring skills inside the squared circle. Throughout the storied history of wrestling, we have seen these larger than life athletes wrestle each other in the ring to entertain us.

Over the years, there have been multiple instances where a wrestler ended up doing something so extraordinary, it left the fans in awe and astonishment. Let's take a look at six wrestlers who displayed incredible feats of strength.

#7 Lex Luger bodyslams Yokozuna

Luger went on to lose to Yokozuna at WrestleMania 10
Luger went on to lose to Yokozuna at WrestleMania 10

The road to Summerslam 1993 saw Yokozuna and Mr Fuji challenging all of America to put down the 500 lbs Samoan. In one of the most famous segments in WWE history, Lex Luger arrived on the U.S.S. Intrepid on a helicopter, ready to take the challenge.

In an incredible display of strength, Luger managed to do the unthinkable, and bodyslammed Yokozuna to the mat. Luger instantly became an American hero who was going to rid us of the Samoan, but the plans didn't come to fruition and Bret Hart ended up being the one to do the job at WrestleMania X.


#6 Hulk Hogan bodyslams Andre The Giant

The slam heard around the world
The slam heard around the world

WrestleMania 3 was built around the David vs Goliath encounter between Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant, in front of a record-breaking crowd.

As 93,000 fans watched in disbelief, Hulk Hogan picked up The 8th Wonder of the World and bodyslammed him onto the mat at WrestleMania 3. Hogan followed it up by delivering a thunderous leg drop on Andre and retaining the WWE title in one of the most memorable moments in the history of the show.

Andre was bodyslammed on multiple occasions before WrestleMania 3, but the immense coverage this event garnered made sure that this would be the slam that would be heard around the world.

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Published 22 Mar 2019, 13:33 IST
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