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7 superstars who regret signing with the WWE

Which WWE Superstars wish they had a way out?

Top 5 / Top 10 09 May 2017, 18:57 IST
Is the anti-diva now anti-WWE?

I’m sure that at first glance, some might be shaking their heads in confusion, wondering how in the world could anyone ever regret becoming a WWE Superstar, for many of us, when we were growing up, this was our dream job. If you were anything like me, you would practice your entrance when no one was looking and have matches of your own on your bed, or anywhere else our little creative minds would allow us to wander. Little did we know, but we were suspending our own disbelief.

As we got a little older, many of us would even begin dreaming of one day becoming a professional wrestler. While we knew nothing whatsoever about the logistical side of the business, we still wanted to have a cool gimmick and an intimidating name to go along with it.

As we grew older and began to realise that while becoming a WWE Superstar was still something that could be a profession, it just wasn't a likely outcome for most of us. I say that not to be negative, but to simply insert a small dose of reality into the situation. The bottom line was simply that at some point, our desire to one day become a professional wrestler eventually be nothing more than a dream.

For a select few, our dreams become their reality. Some are so talented that their skills one day get recognised by someone who has the ability to make their dreams become reality and the rest is history.  

Many of those who make it to the WWE try to make the best of what could be considered a golden opportunity. However, there are some who reach a point to where they simply want out. There are many different reasons that would make someone regret something that may seem like a dream to others.

Perhaps that person loses the desire they once had, or maybe they feel as if they have been overlooked time and time again, and then some just want the creative freedom that comes with working in the indie scene. No matter the situation, no one can make you feel a certain way, based on their wishes and their dreams.

With this said, who do you think regrets signing a WWE contract? After several days of thought and research, I have come up with the following superstars that probably regret ever signing on the dotted line.

#7 Apollo Crews

Indie fans miss Uhaa Nation!

When I heard the news that “Uhaa Nation” had signed a WWE contract, I was absolutely stoked. After following him during his run under the Dragon Gate banner, I was convinced this was going to be one of the next big wrestling stories.   

When he arrived and made his NXT debut, I still had a lot of premature hope that he would be pushed appropriately. While his NXT run wasn't necessarily the worst, it was still pretty mediocre at best. Apollo should have easily made a serious run at the NXT Championship, but of course, that never happened. Then the 2016 Draft rolls around and Apollo Crews gets sent to the Smackdown Live roster with the number 45 pick overall.

With Crews making the jump to the main roster, there was still that glimmer of hope for fans of Apollo Crews. Sure, he still has plenty of time left for him to be taken seriously, but as it stands right now, things aren't looking too promising.

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