7 WWE Superstars who Randy Orton has been romantically linked with in real life

Randy Orton with Layla (left) and with Kelly Kelly (right)
Randy Orton with Layla (left) and with Kelly Kelly (right)

Over the past few years, rumors have romantically linked Randy Orton to a few WWE Superstars.

The Viper has been married twice. In 2007, Orton tied the knot with his first wife, Samantha Speno. However, they split about six years later. In 2015, the 42-year-old married one of his fans, Kim Kessler. They have been together ever since.

Neither Speno nor Kessler have worked in the wrestling business. Nevertheless, The Viper, according to rumors, has previously dated some of his co-workers before and after his first marriage.

Here are seven WWE Superstars with whom Randy Orton has been romantically linked in real life.

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#7. Dawn Marie

Randy Orton slept in Dawn Marie's room a few times
Randy Orton slept in Dawn Marie's room a few times

In April 2002, Randy Orton made his main roster debut on SmackDown. About a month later, Dawn Marie also joined the blue brand.

While they worked together at World Wrestling Entertainment, Orton slept a few times in Dawn Marie's room. A rumor then suggested that the two superstars were having an affair.

In an interview with the Table Talk podcast, Dawn Marie denied ever dating The Viper.

"I almost got into a lot of trouble because Randy didn’t have a room or something and he probably lied, just trying to get in my room, who knows? So I felt bad for him, you know, because he was broke. [...] So I was like, 'Randy, okay, fine. You can sleep on the chair in my room!' And I was like, ‘If you come anywhere near my bed, I swear to God I’m gonna kill you.’ So I let him do it like a couple different nights, I let him like sleep on the chair," she said. [H/T WWFOldSchool]

Marie also disclosed in the same interview how she thinks the rumor started.

"Someone saw him coming out of my room and you know, back then, that was a no-no. You can not sleep with the boys, and it was [innocent]. It was totally innocent," she added. [H/T WWFOldSchool]

Dawn Marie spent only three years in WWE before she was released in July 2005.

#6. Stacy Keibler

Stacy Keibler and Randy Orton had a brief on-screen romance
Stacy Keibler and Randy Orton had a brief on-screen romance

In early 2005, Randy Orton started an on-screen romance with Stacy Keibler. However, their on-screen love affair lasted only about a month. The Viper surprisingly ended it by delivering an RKO to his kayfabe girlfriend, turning heel in the process.

While they dated on-screen, some fans wondered if Orton and Keibler were also a couple in real life. Nevertheless, that was untrue. Although Keibler has previously admitted to dating two former WWE Superstars, Test and David Flair, she has never had a real-life romance with The Viper.

Nearly a year after ending her storyline with Orton, Keibler left the company and retired from professional wrestling.

#5. Former WWE Women's Champion Candice Michelle

Some fans thought that Candice Michelle once dated Randy Orton
Some fans thought that Candice Michelle once dated Randy Orton

Another female WWE Superstar who some fans speculated dated Randy Orton was Candice Michelle. The former Diva Search contestant joined the promotion in 2004.

Michelle and Orton shared the locker room for about five years. However, contrary to what some fans thought, they never dated in real life. The former women's champion never got romantically involved with any of her WWE co-workers. Just a few months after joining the company, she tied the knot with her current husband, Ken Ehrlich.

WWE released Michelle from her contract in 2009. She has since made a few sporadic appearances.

#4. Former WWE Women's Champion Layla

Randy Orton with former Women's Champion Layla
Randy Orton with former Women's Champion Layla

After winning the 2006 Diva Search competition, Layla signed a contract with WWE. She spent nearly nine years in the company, during which she held both the Women's Championship and the Divas Title, before announcing her retirement in July 2015.

Some rumors have suggested that Layla and Randy Orton had a real-life romantic relationship in 2013 after The Viper split with his first wife. Although the two superstars never addressed these rumors, they are probably false.

Layla has reportedly only dated two WWE Superstars. In late 2000s, she and Cody Rhodes had a brief romance. After their relationship ended, the former champion started a relationship with former superstar Ricky Ortiz. The 45-year-old and Ortiz announced their engagement in July 2015. Four months later, the couple tied the knot.

#3. Former WWE Women's Champion Mickie James

Randy Orton with former women's champion Mickie James
Randy Orton with former women's champion Mickie James

About a year after Randy Orton's main roster debut, Mickie James signed a developmental contract with World Wrestling Entertainment. After spending two years in Ohio Valley Wrestling, the company's developmental brand at the time, she debuted on Monday Night RAW in October 2005.

James spent about five years on the main roster, during which she reportedly had a brief romance with John Cena. She also had a romantic relationship with former Spirit Squad member Kenny Dykstra.

The former Women's Champion was also romantically linked to Randy Orton. According to reports, there was gossip in the wrestling circles that the two superstars had previously dated several years ago. Nevertheless, the rumors were never confirmed.

James' first WWE run ended in 2010 when the company released her from her contract. Although she returned in 2016, the promotion let her go again in April 2021.

#2. Former Divas Champion Kelly Kelly

Like Layla, Kelly Kelly joined the company in 2006. During her time in the company, rumors were that the former Divas Champion dated a few WWE Superstars, including Test, CM Punk, and Justin Gabriel.

Some rumors also romantically linked Kelly to Randy Orton. According to The Sportster, the two superstars started their romance after Orton divorced his first wife. Nevertheless, these rumors were never confirmed.

About 11 years ago, The Viper claimed that the former Divas Champion had dated at least ten WWE Superstars. He later apologized to Kelly for his comments.

WWE released Kelly Kelly from her contract in September 2012. She then retired from in-ring action. However, over the past few years, the former Divas Champion has made several appearances in the company.

#1. JoJo

Former ring announcer JoJo joined WWE in 2013. During her time with the company, the 28-year-old had a brief romance with fellow superstar Justin Gabriel. She also dated former NXT star Jake Carter.

After her split with Gabriel, a rumor in late 2013 suggested that JoJo was in a romantic relationship with Randy Orton. There was even talk that the rumored couple would appear together on Total Divas.

However, neither of the two superstars ever confirmed their rumored relationship. They also never appeared together on the reality show.

JoJo is currently married to former Universal Champion Bray Wyatt (real-life Windham Rotunda). The couple now has two children together. Last April, JoJo and Wyatt announced their engagement and tied the knot this year.

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