8 men WWE Hall of Famers Brie and Nikki Bella have dated in real life

WWE hall of Famers Brie and NIkki Bella
WWE hall of Famers Brie and NIkki Bella

#5. WWE Hall of Famer Brie Bella dated Richie Kotzen

Guitarist Richie Kotzen was another man Brie Bella started dating before joining WWE. The former Divas Champion met him a few years before she kicked off her pro wrestling career.

In The Bella Twins' book Incomparable, Brie mentioned dating a guitarist. Nonetheless, she referred to him as Craig.

"I landed a job as a waitress at Sushiya, on Sunset. A lot of celebrities and Hollywood types would come in, which is how I met Craig. He was the guitarist for a rock band, who I went on to date for five-and-a-half years," she wrote.

During her relationship with the guitarist, Brie received an offer to join WWE. She disclosed that her then-boyfriend was hurt and shocked when she told him that she was taking a job as a professional wrestler and moving to Florida. However, he helped her pack and promised to visit her.

In the following years, Brie and her boyfriend's relationship declined. They broke up nearly three years after the younger Bella joined WWE. The Hall of Famer discussed the reasons for their breakup in her book.

Among the reasons was a 14-year age gap, living apart in different states, and the guitarist not wanting to get married and have kids other than his daughter from a previous relationship.

#4. Nikki Bella dated WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler

During her early days in WWE, Nikki Bella dated her colleague Dolph Ziggler. The couple started their relationship around 2008. According to E! Online, they first met while they were both at WWE's former developmental brand FCW.

In The Bella Twins' book Incomparable, Nikki mentioned having a relationship with a wrestler she referred to as Brad. Nonetheless, some believe she was talking about Ziggler:

"Our relationship was casual, and I certainly had no claims on him, but it drove me crazy anyway. It was the first time that I had been with a guy who wasn’t clamoring to lock me down. It drove me batshit crazy. It made me obsessed with him. The problem with that sort of imbalance is that it never really gives you a chance to assess the relationship, or your compatibility, on stable ground. You spend so much energy trying to get something that you think you want, that is just a little out of reach, that you don’t have a chance to actually judge whether you want the thing in the first place," she wrote.

The WWE Hall of Famer disclosed that she ended her relationship with "Brad" a few years later, after discovering that he cheated on her with another wrestler. Despite their breakup, the two WWE Superstars remained friends. Nikki stated that she still enjoys talking to him.

During an episode of Total Divas a few years ago, Ziggler tried to win Nikki back. The former Divas Champion was dating John Cena at the time. However, Ziggler told her that he still had feelings for her.

The former World Heavyweight Champion offered to marry her and give her kids. He then tried to kiss her, but she recoiled. This backstage moment aired on an episode of Total Divas.