8 WWE Superstars with the most wins at Survivor Series

The Undertaker during his retirement ceremony at Survivor Series 2020
The Undertaker during his retirement ceremony at Survivor Series 2020
Danny Wolstanholme

WWE's annual November pay-per-view Survivor Series brings friends and foes to compete in the traditional Survivor Series match. In recent years, RAW and SmackDown have been pitted against each other to determine brand supremacy.

Of course, other matches also take place, including Champion vs. Champion matches or even title matches depending on particular storylines. It all comes together to deliver one exciting night of action.

That being said, let's take a look at eight WWE Superstars with the most wins at Survivor Series.

#8 Shawn Michaels has seven wins at Survivor Series

#OnThisDay in 1997: WWF Survivor Series PPV: Shawn Michaels defeated Bret Hart by "submission" to the WWF Title.[Thread]

Shawn Michaels had an illustrious WWE career and an outstanding record at Survivor Series. The superstar has competed in several elimination matches and title matches at the event.

The Heartbreak Kid scored some huge victories at the event, but none more infamous than the Survivor Series 1997. The night will be forever remembered as the night of the "Montreal Screwjob."

Bret Hart was on his way to join WCW and was not willing to drop the World title to Shawn. A secret plan was devised on that infamous night in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Vince McMahon legitimately double-crossed Hart live on-camera, allowing Michaels to win the WWE Title.

It wasn't all controversy, as Michaels won his first world championship since returning from a severe injury at Survivor Series 2002. He defeated five other superstars inside the first-ever Elimination Chamber match to become the World Heavyweight Champion.

#7 The Big Show has eight wins at Survivor Series

The first person to defeat Brock Lesnar in WWE was Big Show at Survivor Series 2002.

The Big Show is one of the most dominant and most powerful WWE Superstars of all-time. No wonder he has claimed eight wins at the Survivor Series. "The World's Largest Athlete" takes no prisoners when he steps in-between the ropes.

As well as being a part of the traditional Survivor Series elimination matches over the years, his biggest win came in 2002 in singles action. The Big Show became the first superstar to defeat Brock Lesnar since his unbeatable arrival into the company that year.

With Paul Heyman's help, Big Show captured the WWE Championship and stunned the fans at Madison Square Garden.

#6 Kane has eight wins at Survivor Series

November 16th 2003, Survivor Series. Kane beat Shane McMahon in an Ambulance Match @KaneWWE #WWE2K15 #WWENetwork #WWE

Kane's longevity with WWE has seen the Big Red Machine claim eight wins at the Survivor Series. His first Survivor Series appearance came in 1996 under his former gimmick of the evil dentist, Isaac Yankem.

The Hall of Famer's most memorable night at the event was in 2003. Kane defeated Shane McMahon in the first-ever Ambulance Match before burying his on-screen brother, The Undertaker, alive during his Buried Alive Match with Vince McMahon.

#5 Randy Orton has eight wins at Survivor Series

Randy Orton has earned himself the name of "Mr. Survivor Series" over the years due to his success at the event.

Not only has Randy Orton been a survivor during the traditional tag team elimination matches multiple times, but he also has a record of most eliminations. The Viper has eliminated 16 superstars during all of the matches he took part in. You want Randy Orton on your team when while picking the members.

#4 Dolph Ziggler has eight wins at Survivor Series


This one may come as a surprise, but Dolph Ziggler is a bit of a legend when it comes to this pay-per-view. The 'Show-off' has only lost three matches at Survivor Series since debuting with The Spirit Squad against Team Flair in 2006.

Ziggler, just like Randy Orton, can boast that he has been the sole survivor in the traditional elimination match.

#3 The Rock has eight wins at Survivor Series

November 2021 marks 25-years since The Rock debuted in WWE.To think that when he stepped out at Survivor Series 1996; no one had any idea how far his journey would go.There's only one Rock πŸ‘

The Rock, as Rocky Maivia, debuted at Survivor Series 1996 and became one of the company's biggest stars. The Great One later won the WWE title at the event and teamed up with John Cena to defeat R-Truth and The Miz at Madison Square Garden.

His greatest night at the Survivor Series was in 2001 when Team WWE (then WWF) defeated Team Alliance to end the Invasion angle. The Rock got the win for WWE by pinning Stone Cold Steve Austin.

#2 John Cena has nine wins at Survivor Series

November 23rd 2008, Survivor Series. John Cena beat Y2J to become the World Champion. @JohnCena #WWENetwork #WWE

John Cena made his Survivor Series debut in 2003 on Team Angle against Team Lesnar. Team Angle won the match and started Cena's unbeaten run at the event.

His unbeaten streak ended in 2012 when he lost a Triple Threat match with CM Punk becoming the WWE Champion. This victory started CM Punk's 434-day championship reign.

#1 The Undertaker has 13 wins at Survivor Series

"My time has come to let The Undertaker Rest In Peace."Mark William Calaway, known for his ring name "The Undertaker,” made his final iconic ring entrance during his "Final Farewell" ceremony at the end of the WWE Network's "Survivor Series" event.

The Undertaker debuted at Survivor Series 1990. He joined the Million Dollar team in defeating the Dream Team, including Bret Hart and Dusty Rhodes.

A year later, The Deadman pinned Hulk Hogan to win the WWE Championship. His Survivor Series history saw him compete in Casket Matches, a Buried Alive Match, and Hell in a Cell match.

The Undertaker hung up his boots at Survivor Series 2020 in an illustrious ceremony. The event marked 30 years of his debut and featured several friends and foes from The Deadman's career.

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