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Adam Cole spills the secrets and inspiration behind 'Bay Bay' taunt

Matty Paddock
Modified 06 Feb 2020, 21:53 IST

Adam Cole, BayBay
Adam Cole, BayBay

Professional wrestling is as much about great theatrics as it is about the stunning in-ring performances we see from performers who are strutting their stuff.

Wrestlers all around the world have left their mark in the memories of adoring fans with some world-class matches and stunning feats of athleticism.

Every now and again, however, all fans enjoy a chance to get involved with the fun and frolics of a live event, be it with trademark catchphrases thrown out by the likes of Seth Rollins, Elias, and The Usos, or singing along to the entrance themes of many an NXT star.

One notable name who fits the bill of both aspects is Adam Cole, the reigning NXT Champion.

The 30-year-old Undisputed Era star is capable of stealing the show on any given night but, equally, delights fans all around the world with his patented entrance and ‘Bay Bay’ thrusting of the arms as he points to himself defiantly.

With thousands of fans in arenas everywhere joining in to make it a thunderous chorus whenever Cole does it, the signature taunt has become one of the most popular in WWE.

But where did it come from? Many fans have their theories and thoughts, but Cole himself has now moved to put the wonder to bed with the facts of the matter, in an interview with The Sun.

Revealing the origins of the taunt, he explained:

“It was a little combination of stuff. I still am a massive Chris Jericho fan and when he was in WCW shouting ‘come on baby’, I thought it was so obnoxious. The actual idea of yelling my name and putting ‘bay bay’ at the end was [when] I saw Joey Mercury…. [during a] whole match he would throw his fists up in the air and shout ‘Joey Matthews’, over and over again to the point where people hated it so much. I thought that was so brilliant.”

So, there you have it, folks, two top stars are to thank for one of Cole’s trademark mannerisms.

Does it rank as your favorite, or do the likes of Brock Lesnar, Sasha Banks or Roman Reigns do theirs better? Have your say in the comments.

Published 06 Feb 2020, 21:53 IST
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