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Alicia Fox should become a regular on the WWE RAW roster

2.93K   //    14 May 2014, 13:19 IST
Alicia Fox

Alicia Fox

Alicia Fox is a former Divas Champion. That fact has been emphasized many times on NXT and other shows whenever she is set to face a new diva. That fact is emphasized even more when she is obviously set to lose to a new diva. In the past two years, Fox seems to have made more appearance for WWE’s promotional events than on their main shows- Raw and Smackdown. She’s present in pictures during autograph signings and Tribute to the Troops events next to much more featured superstars and divas. Her last appearance that I remember very well was during Booker T’s feud with Cody Rhodes . She was in conversation with Booker a couple of times backstage. And she even uses his scissors kick as part of her move set.

As her mat skills became better and better, she got more and more underutilized. When she began wrestling, the one thing that she was good at was selling and promos. She sold every diva’s moves from Melina to Mickie James to Beth Phoenix. In June 2010, she finally won the Championship but she wasn’t as close to what she has become now in the wrestling department.

Her promos have always been good. She can be so catty in her comments that it was easy to accept her as a heel.

She entered the WWE at a phase when the company began focusing on people like her- models who knew not have a wrestling background and so began the company’s hardest try at getting women to have Trish Stratus-esque career. And Alicia Fox was one of the many who held the Divas Championship. She never held the Divas Title again and then she was depushed. She has been losing matches since the longest time and she isn’t even a member of the Total Divas cast. Her presence seems to have diminished in the WWE as far as the main shows were concerned.

Yet, this woman stole the show last night. Nothing was as surprising and as refreshing as the fit that she threw last night. That was the biggest news that came out of last night. The management believes in Paige a hell lot and AJ Lee’s absence just like CM Punk’s have brought the spotlight on many underutilized talents. First it was Tamina and now it is Fox.  But unlike Tamina, Fox really is very charismatic on the mic. Lat night, she managed to get a mouthful of boos from the crowd. That is really an achievement.

Last night saw the involvement of many divas. It seems Summer Rae and Layla are going to feud and the tension between Brie Bella and Stephanie is on the rise and the Total Divas have their weekly short matches. Add to that the belief that the management has on Paige and rest assured that the Championship is in good hands.

Till now, Paige has just been fighting. Alicia Fox provides a good opportunity for Paige to showcase her acting skills. Fox and Paige can have a great interactions before heading for a match at payback and Fox’s charisma can also guarantee a longer run for this feud. But if the WWE is hellbent on making paige the next John Cena then that’s a tragedy, Fox deserves to be in the limelight and not get shoved away after one Pay Per View.

WWE should capitalize on Fox’s presence and wrestling skills. Apart from Natalya, Layla and Emma, there isn’t a diva present in the WWE who can really wrestle a longer match. Layla, Emma and Summer rae seem to reain entangled with their dancing storyline, I guess. And Natalya is the best female wrestler present but her mic skills and acting are a bit lacking. Alicia seems to be the best option till AJ comes back. And whenever AJ comes back, Alicia should not go M.I.A.

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