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An epic feud to establish the new Face of Fear and The Demon King

Arvind Blitz
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Will this magical feud help to re-establish The New Face Of Fear?

Let us face the facts(pun intended). Bray Wyatt is one of the most under-utilised, charismatic and talented wrestlers on the roster currently. His mic skills and promos were never weaknesses but the way he has been booked has been the key reason for his failures. A self-proclaimed God who loses to every established star on the roster would not be able to replicate the aura and magic that The Deadman possesses.

The WWE creative must soon find a way to re-establish the New Face of Fear as a legit threat to anyone on the roster. That could possibly happen if this feud is booked:

WWE must start it off with a trade between RAW and SD Live! for the team of Anderson and Gallows and one out of The Vaudevillians, The Ascension or Breezango. Anderson and Gallows, much like Wyatt have been under-utilized for quite a while.

Bringing them to Smackdown Live to reform The Club with AJ Styles could be the beginning of great things for a lot of people including Anderson and Gallows. Having them do the dirty job for AJ Styles during his title reign would build them up as the heels whom the WWE Universe loves to hate.

Once 2017 begins, WWE should bring back Finn Balor on RAW for regaining the title he never lost. The fans would instantly get behind Balor and at Royal Rumble in San Antonio, fans would clamour a victory for Balor in the Rumble match. During the match, Balor must be made to display heelish tactics despite the vocal support of the WWE Universe and he must win the Rumble by eliminating fan favourites like Rollins, Ambrose, Cena and Orton.

The next night on Raw, Balor must appear with Paul Heyman as his manager. Heyman must state that his client Finn Balor deserves bigger honours than the WWE Universal Title and that he's going to cash in his WrestleMania title opportunity on the WWE World Championship thereby moving to SD Live! and beginning a heel turn.

On the following episode of SD Live! the segment of Heyman and Balor gets interrupted by Dean Ambrose who claims Balor was someone who was respected by Ambrose until the events at The Royal Rumble and Monday Night RAW.

He challenges Balor to a match at FastLane (or whichever Smackdown Live exclusive PPV that precedes WM 33) with the title shot at Mania against AJ Styles on the line. At the PPV, Balor defeats Ambrose by cheating and establishes himself as a heel. From the night after the PPV till WrestleMania SmackDown Live would be filled with the back forth interactions between two of the best talkers in the industry- Heyman and AJ Styles.

Having The Club by his side, Styles would look to be on the way to victory. To add to Balor's misery, Heyman will be banned from ringside during his match at Mania by Daniel Bryan to ensure no foul play occurs like the one at FastLane. At Mania, Balor and Styles clash in an epic encounter between two of the best workers on the planet, which is equally balanced until The Club intervenes.

They seem to be on the verge of attacking Balor when they turn and destroy Styles, thereby helping Balor to win his second major Title since debuting. After the match, Heyman rushes to the ring as The Balor Club rejoice in front of a saddened Styles. On the post-Mania episode of SD Live!, Heyman and The Balor Club celebrate and call out anyone with the guts to face Balor.

Bray Wyatt and Finn Balor’s characters are tailor-made for an epic feud between them!

Styles rushes out to challenge Balor to a rematch. Daniel Bryan fixes the match for the next SD Live! exclusive PPV and bans The Club and Heyman from ringside during the match. But at the PPV, Balor ends up winning by cheating and it is followed by The Club destroying Styles post the match thereby injuring him.

With Styles out of the picture, Balor goes on to defend his title against all the other big faces on SD Live! i.e. the likes of Ambrose, Cena and Orton. After ensuring that no babyface on the roster remains to face him, Balor and Heyman brag about the achievements of Balor in his undefeated run as Champion.

They call out the names of the men who were defeated by The Demon King and say that no man on the roster deserves or even dares to face Balor at Summerslam. They call out anyone with the confidence to enter the ring only for the lights to go off. And there comes a familiar music with fireflies across the arena. Wyatt arrives and destroys Anderson and Gallows who try to stop him from entering the ring.

After grabbing a mic he asks if Heyman wanted to know whether there was a man on the roster who could face his client and says that there may be no man but a God is here, right in front of his face. This moment could turn Wyatt face and get him over with the WWE Universe than ever before.

Just the promos of Heyman and Wyatt are enough to make this an epic feud and add to that the intriguing entrances and clashes between The Club and The Family, this feud has what it takes to be a classic and also would establish the careers of not just Wyatt and Balor as flag bearers of SD Live but also the careers of The Club and The Family.

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