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Best and Worst of NXT TakeOver: San Antonio

Two title changes and some exceptional wrestling made this show yet another winner!

NXT just became ‘Glorious’

It’s incredibly difficult to do a best and worst of any NXT TakeOver indeed. The simple reason for the same is that each TakeOver show invariably always delivers. Doesn’t matter who's on the card, there’s a certain standard that is always maintained at a TakeOver event.

So picking a ‘worst’ from a TakeOver event is more difficult than taking on Brock Lesnar in a real life fight. While we have managed to pick a few points that we are unhappy with, bear in mind that we are nitpicking.

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Before we start our countdown, let’s just say that we're happy to report that Royal Rumble weekend has started with a bang! Rather, with a ‘glorious bomb’.

#1 Best: Brand new NXT Champion

The main event delivered with great psychology and booking

Let’s face it. If there’s one superstar who does not need a belt because of his charisma, it is Shinsuke Nakamura. While fans may be dismayed about him dropping the title, bear in mind that he’s held on to the championship for two reigns now, and we’ve revelled as subjects in the Kingdom of Strong Style.

Bobby Roode changes the dynamics at the top of the food chain in NXT and looks like a legitimate contender to carry the brand as well as the company into the future. 

We liked how the booking did not make Nakamura look weak, but instead made it seem like he dropped the belt by getting injured from a freak accident. It took two Glorious Bombs and a Half Boston Crab to do it.

Does this mean that Nakamura will be appearing in the Royal Rumble? We should find out in about 24 hours from now. For now, let’s see where the Roode-Nakamura rivalry eventually leads.

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