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Best and Worst of Raw: January 2nd, 2017

Same Raw, different day!

Despite the special appearances, Raw was quite a disappointment

Is it a wonder that every week, fans cheer for Smackdown Live, the land of opportunities, and boo Raw consistently? So much so, that it's almost become a chore to watch the supposed A-Show with its predictable storylines and dragged out highly boring segments.

One only needs to watch Raw for the entire three hours to realise why Smackdown is inching ahead in terms of ratings and even live attendance numbers. There were definitely more negatives than positives in this week’s episode of Raw, so let’s get straight to them then. Live from Jack... we mean Tampa, Florida, here’s the best and well, mostly worst of Raw!

#1 Worst: Lying Undertaker

Why is the Smackdown loyalist appearing on Raw?

What happened to The Undertaker saying that he bleeds blue, and saying that there would be consequences if SmackDown Live does not beat Raw? Why is he appearing on the rival brand now?

It is quite obvious that Vince McMahon is using The Undertaker’s return as a ploy to boost ratings and maybe set up a big match for The Rumble or Wrestlemania 33 soon. However, it just seems dishonest that the biggest babyface of all time has turned his back on his brand of choice to appear on Raw.

We do hope that WWE finds a logical reason for the Undertaker’s reappearance. Knowing them, they probably won’t.

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