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Best and Worst of Royal Rumble 2017

Some great matches and some questionable booking decisions!

Here's a recap of the ups and downs from The Royal Rumble

The 30th Annual Royal Rumble event was probably the most anticipated pay-per-view in recent memory.

With a star-studded roster in the match, a pantheon of legends, and the thrill of watching the clock count down to zero, to signal the arrival of the next participant, this was a thrilling affair in many ways.

At the same time, while millions tuned in to catch the event, we cannot help but feel that many were disappointed with certain booking decisions from WWE. Without further ado, let’s take a look back at this event and revisit the best and worst of Royal Rumble 2017.

#1 Worst: Wasted number 30 spot/ Possible reason behind the move

How much will this man get shoved down our throats really?

When The Undertaker entered at number 29, and the 30th spot was yet to be disclosed, many names were speculated. Names such as Kenny Omega, Kurt Angle and heck,  even NXT’s own Samoa Joe were being thrown about. Who eventually showed up?

The same man who had been booed by 50000+ wrestling fans in unison, not so long ago. Roman Reigns did have a great match against Kevin Owens in the undercard, but we really think that this was a questionable booking decision by WWE.

The decision to have him enter the match was probably to build up an Undertaker vs Roman Reigns program, and we’re not sure we’re really excited about that. We echo the sentiments of the crowd that chanted ‘this is bulls***’.

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