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Best and Worst of Smackdown Live- 3rd January, 2016

Another near perfect show by Smackdown Live!

We were hooked for the duration of the two hours!

Last night, the ‘Best and Worst’ recap of Raw felt like work. Twenty-four hours later, as we jot down our thoughts following Smackdown Live, we write this in a completely different manner, as wrestling fans who enjoyed two brilliant hours of sports entertainment and can’t wait to share our thoughts with you.

Enough happened on this show to capture our attention over two hours, and even the worst segment here was better than almost everything on Raw barring the Braun Strowman- Sami Zayn Last Man Standing contest. That being said, let’s revisit Smackdown live for the ‘Best and Worst’ recap

#1 Worst: Botcha Fuentes and Bautcho Ranallo

Dasha Fuentes needs to visit Renee Young for backstage interview coaching

Before Dean Ambrose stepped out into the arena to face the Intercontinental Champion, The Miz, he was interviewed backstage by the rather botchilicious Dasha Fuentes. Dasha got tongue tied from the word go, and could not get her words out.

By the second question, she seemed so upset about her first botch that she made even bigger slips and stumbles. Does anyone remember her previous botch from when she called James Ellsworth, James Ellis? Every botch of hers seems to happen around Dean Ambrose. 

Mauro Ranallo, who called every match like a pro would be a botchmaster as well, when he referred to Dean Ambrose as Dolph Ziggler, during his match. David Otunga, the worst commentator known to man, would have his moment of fame and correct the master announcer soon thereafter. 

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