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Best and worst of WWE RAW- SmackDown stars arrive, Top Superstars buried 

RAW had its moments, but it was mostly quite dull
RAW had its moments, but it was mostly quite dull
Riju Dasgupta
Modified 07 May 2019, 12:10 IST
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The sad thing about RAW is how it shows flashes of brilliance at times, and then again, it dissolves into sheer mediocrity. There was a lot to like about this week's show but honestly speaking, the bad outweighed the good.

As always, remember that my word is not gospel but is just the opinion of the WWE Universe much like yourself. In fact, your opinion can be completely different from mine and still be valid because everyone enjoys the WWE product differently.

So voice your thoughts and opinions about this week's show in the comments below. I'm curious to hear what you thought about it too.

In this article, I shall separate the bad from the good, the wheat from the chaff, as they all say...

#1 Best: Two WrestleMania 35 rematches

I saw a lot of you guys groaning when the match between Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre was first announced. I admit that I wasn't particularly enthused about the contest either. But the fact of the matter is that the two men told a great story and put on a pretty solid match this week. It felt like two powerhouses slugging it out and was quite a stellar effort indeed.

Of course, the main event between Kofi Kingston and Daniel Bryan was short and sweet. It wasn't nearly as good or as electric as their contest at WrestleMania but it was still a pretty good match. Both of these matches were honestly the highlight of the show for me, personally.

There were no real surprises in either match except for maybe the interference from Shane McMahon, Elias and The Miz. I quite liked the backstage segment that followed.

Good quality matches are almost always a surefire way to capture the WWE Universe's attention.

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Published 07 May 2019, 12:10 IST
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