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Best and Worst of WWE Roadblock 2016

A title change, a big return and a huge storyline swerve

Roadblock had its share of the good and the bad

The Raw exclusive pay-per-view Roadblock had some really high highs, and some really low lows! Live from the PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, PA; we witnessed six hard hitting matches over the course of three hours.

After a really hot start, the show just seemed to lose momentum at the halfway stage.

But then once again, the crowd came alive for the last two matches which were off the charts in terms of the performances. Of course, it was far from the perfect show as we will discuss in this analysis piece. Presenting the Best and Worst of Roadblock!

#1 Best: The Cruiserweight Division gets a star

Neville’s return will make the division far more interesting

Ever since the Cruiserweight Division began, we’ve been talking about how Neville could really be a big star here! His return was long overdue, but we’re glad it happened. Truth be told, nobody in the division was getting over and they really needed something to shake up the purple roster. 

The interesting part about Neville’s return is that he was acting quite heelish. However, the crowd did not seem to think so and gave him a huge babyface pop. We’re interested to see how this whole thing pans out and if Neville’s inclusion can make the Cruiserweights relevant again!

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