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Best and worst of WWE SmackDown at MSG- Brawl brings out TNA star, Wrong man pinned   

Riju Dasgupta
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11 Sep 2019, 09:05 IST

SmackDown Live certainly had its moments, both good and bad
SmackDown Live certainly had its moments, both good and bad

SmackDown Live was a fine show once again, but if this is your last show before the pay-per-view to get the audience invested in the program, I don't know if it necessarily delivered. I know that a lot of you wrote in with feedback for my 'Best and Worst' piece that followed RAW and deemed it critical of the show, but I call it as I see it.

Once again, I reiterate that I did not necessarily think that it was a bad show per se. All I thought was that there were certain booking decisions that did not make any sense at all to me.

So, here is my personal take on this week's show, and I invite you to share your views and feedback in the comments section. Even if you disagree with me, I invite every single comment, because it's the difference in opinion that makes the chats in the comments section so very exciting.

If we all perceived sports entertainment in the same manner, the world would be a really boring place.

#1 Best: Rowan throws a fan

Did you spot Sonjay Dutt in the mass of people that pulled Roman Reigns and Rowan apart? Thanks to my colleague Alan John for pointing it out, and I must imagine that I popped big time for it.

What's not to like when two bulls slug it out in a brawl that actually involves one of the men involved 'powerbombing' a fan into a whole crowd of people. It felt real, it felt personal and most importantly it got me interested in a match that I wasn't necessarily interested in until this point.

This is the point of a go-home show, and I do believe that the purpose was served this week.

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