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Daniel Bryan – His time has come

Daniel Bryan is the most ‘over’ superstar in the WWE today. Despite his heelish antics, constantly belittling the crowd, tearing fan posters on a regular basis, engaging in one-on-one shouting matches with fans, and despite the fact that he disses his tag team partner Kane regularly, nobody can seem to get enough of Daniel Bryan.

The ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ phenomenon has become bigger than anyone would have ever expected, and some would argue that it has already become as immortal as Stone Cold Steve Austin’s ‘WHAT?’ line. The noise of the crowds cheering for Bryan are dwarfed only by perhaps The Undertaker, and CM Punk in Chicago. The ‘reaction’ that John Cena causes among fans, many a time pales in comparison to Bryan’s welcome reception.

After losing the WWE Tag Team titles to the Shield at Extreme Rules, his ‘weak link’ storyline looks to be the tool that would break up the much celebrated Team Hell No. The duo admittedly reached their peak as a team some time back, but were still able to get the fans behind them. With Bryan poised to come out as the heel in this storyline against Kane (or Kane could turn on Bryan due to his constant frustration and whining), a feud against Kane shouldn’t last very long.

Bryan belongs among the upper echelons of WWE superstars. After his fantastic run in the first half of 2012, he should be thrown straight back to the WWE Championship or at least World Heavyweight Championship scramble. He is far more deserving than the pot smoking supposedly American patriot Jack Swagger and the crowd pandering Alberto Del Rio. It amazes me that the WWE let him remain in the tag team picture for so long, even when there were clearly signs of mass marketing appeal, with his Yes & No chants popularised in concerts, sports games etc. after his loss at WretsleMania 28.

Bryan has proven his ability for years now, and a rather than feuding him with Dolph Ziggler for the World Heavyweight Championship now, WWE should set him for Cena and the WWE title picture. Cena is scheduled to face the heel Ryback at Payback, a match in which his title is under serious threat. I believe that Ryback may bag a victory, with or without assistance, and in order to give his character credibility after basically losing ever pay-per view match he’s ever been in, the WWE might give him some time with the belt.

So the WWE title picture can be ruled out for the next three months as a possible feud, and the WHC title picture looks more realistic. But the WWE would be smart to let Ziggler carry the belt and gain some momentum, and give him some victories over Del Rio and other contenders.

But where does that leave Bryan?

Two words.

Chris Jericho.

How could it not be a more perfect feud? It’d be one of the greatest all-round champions in the WWE history against one of the WWE’s hottest wrestlers and a sure future Hall of Famer. Jericho is known for putting over people, can bring out the very best in Bryan, and can directly match Bryan antic-for-antic. The face-heel distinction line would be rather blurred in this feud, and nobody would spare two thoughts about it.

A series of great promos, moments and matches should follow, elevating Bryan’s stock. He’s been held down for far too long, playing second fiddle to less deserving superstars. The WWE should recognise that he deserves his due and include him in one of the main events of next year’s WrestleMania, instead of having those precious part-timers face each other or Punk or Cena.

It’s not Cena’s time. It’s been his time for longer than anyone would care to remember.

Bryan ticks all the boxes. He appeals to both adults and kids, he can be goofy and sadistic, and is excellent in serious work and comedy too.

Don’t you also believe that Daniel Bryan should become the WWE Champion and one of the centre pieces of WWE along with Punk and Cena?

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