Does WWE star Liv Morgan have a husband?

WWE Superstar Liv Morgan, does she already have a husband?
WWE Superstar Liv Morgan is a part of SmackDown

Liv Morgan has accumulated several admirers throughout her wrestling career. Due to her charisma and personality, some even wondered if the husband's position was still up for grabs.

The SmackDown has been open about her romantic relationships in the past, as she has dated some fellow wrestlers. However, that's not the case anymore in recent years.

She was in a relationship with former superstar Enzo Amore (aka nZo) until they split in 2017. Morgan has also been linked to former NXT UK Champion Tyler Bate. Although the two stars exchanged flirtatious social media interactions, there wasn't any confirmation that they were together.

Liv Morgan was most recently rumored to be dating former WWE star Bo Dallas. However, there is no indication that he is the former's husband. Meanwhile, recent reports surrounding them have hinted that their supposed romantic relationship is getting serious.

According to Dave Meltzer, the alleged couple is living on a farm together and has started a business together.

"[Bo Dallas] has a farm living with Morgan and they've started a family real estate business and studying that to prepare for life after wrestling."

After Bray Wyatt's return months ago, there was speculation about his brother making his comeback under the Uncle Howdy gimmick. However, the man behind the mysterious character is still unknown.

The husband of a former WWE Superstar is willing to add Liv Morgan to their marriage

It's no secret that many WWE stars are close to the 28-year-old, including CJ Perry (aka Lana), who was released from the company last year.

In November, the SmackDown star posted a selfie on Twitter that caught Perry's attention. The latter declared her love for Morgan on social media and even jokingly proposed marriage.

Perry's reply then caught the attention of AEW star Miro (fka Rusev in WWE), who is also the real-life husband of The Ravishing Russian. Based on his hilarious reply, Miro didn't mind the proposal and suggested joining their 'relationship.'

"I guess me too then ?" tweeted @ToBeMiro.

Whether in a relationship or not, it looks like Liv Morgan is well on her way to becoming one of the blue brand's top female superstars.