Drew McIntyre wants Sheamus on RAW to complete the AJ Styles trade [Exclusive]

Drew McIntyre says one day he'll get his match with AJ Styles
Drew McIntyre says one day he'll get his match with AJ Styles
Rick Ucchino

Drew McIntyre has made it well known that he wants a big match with AJ Styles. After years of waiting it looked as though the stars were finally aligning for The WWE Champion to get his wish - then WWE management decided to trade Styles to SmackDown for Superstar(s) to be named later.

McIntyre has gone on the record already with how disappointed he is that AJ is gone, but he is still vowing that a match between the two will happen one day.

While appearing on Corey Graves' After the Bell Podcast, Styles said the move was something he really needed following the release of Gallows and Anderson from WWE.

"Doing something different is good for me. I needed a change. Losing Gallows and Anderson really hurt me. Getting away from Raw helps me get over it—I don't know if I'll get over it, but it helps change the atmosphere around me and to do something different. My whole time on Raw was basically with them. To get away from that and get to SmackDown, where I've had a lot of success, it's a good thing."

Drew McIntyre wants to face AJ Styles

It remains to be seen which Superstars will be sent back to Monday Night RAW from SmackDown in exchange for the Phenomenal One. I had to a chance to talk to the WWE Champion recently, and knowing his disappointment in seeing Styles leave RAW, I asked him how he would complete the trade. If Drew McIntyre could get anyone in return who would it be?

"I would move AJ right back. (laughs) I think I said it quite plainly that AJ and I have been like ships in the night for years." McIntyre continued saying he was so sure the match was happening this year, "Came back to RAW, you know where I think I was a bad guy. He was probably, I think, a good guy and then he turned. He's a bad guy and I'm like, 'ah we're never going to have this match!' Then I turn good. Then I'm like, 'Oh my God we're both on RAW. I'm a good guy. I'm the Champion. AJ Styles is here. It's finally going to happen!' Then they trade him to SmackDown."

If not AJ Styles, then who?


Unfortunately for McIntyre and fans of pro wrestling alike, the coveted McIntyre Styles feud will have to wait a bit longer. That is assuming either star doesn't take advantage of the new Brand-to-Brand Invitational in the near future.

In the meantime, if he can't get Styles back, McIntyre would like to see one of his good friends move over to RAW so they can battle it out for the WWE Championship.

"Send Sheamus over to RAW. We've known each other since I was 19, he was about 43. We came up together. We got signed together. The night he won the WWE Championship, I won the Intercontinental Championship. Obviously his career took off, mine kind of went on the down slope and I had to take the long way around. And he's looking to prove himself again right now. He's one of the most physical Superstars in the world, as am I. And I think we'd have, you know, a heck of a feud with a real good back story. He was the best man at my wedding. We have that real relationship and plenty of things to tell that haven't been on television."

The Celtic Warrior has been embroiled in a feud with Jeff Hardy over on SmackDown for the last few weeks. The two will meet this Sunday at Backlash where McIntyre, of course, will be defending his WWE Championship against Bobby Lashley. The Scottish Psychopath told me Randy Orton and Edge can go ahead and have the "Greatest Wrestling Match Ever". He and Lashley are going to have one heck of a fight.

You can hear my full interview with Drew McIntyre this Sunday ahead of Backlash on my radio show for ESPN1530 in Cincinnati, OH.

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