Eddie Guerrero's 5 greatest moments in WWE

Eddie Guerrero after winning the WWE Championship
Eddie Guerrero after winning the WWE Championship

Eddie Guerrero is one of the most-loved and decorated superstars in WWE history and left a lasting impression on the WWE Universe. Sadly, Eddie was taken away from us far too soon, but his legacy and spirit will live on forever

Guerrero performed all around the world before landing in WWE. He wrestled with Paul Heyman's ECW, Eric Bischoff's WCW and even wrestling in Japan. It was when he arrived in WWE that he captured everybody's hearts and made some spectacular memories for the WWE Universe.

Years from now, people will still be talking about Eddie, and as far as we are concerned, he will always be an A+ player. With that in mind, let's take a look at Eddie Guerrero's five greatest moments in WWE.

#5 Eddie Guerrero becoming WWE Tag Team Champion

Eddie & Chavo Guerrero with their WWE Tag Team Titles
Eddie & Chavo Guerrero with their WWE Tag Team Titles

In the summer of 2002, Eddie Guerrero moved to SmackDown and was reunited with his nephew Chavo. They formed Los Guerreros with their slogan of 'we lie, we cheat, we steal', as well as presenting us with some very amusing vignettes.

Their popularity grew throughout the rest of 2002, even though they were heels, and eventually became WWE Tag Team Champions at the Survivor Series pay-per-view. They defeated Chris Benoit & Kurt Angle and Edge & Rey Mysterio in a Triple Threat Elimination tag team match.

Sadly, Chavo suffered an injury a number of months later, and Eddie was forced to find a new tag team in Tajiri, but they did reform to win the WWE Tag Team Championships once again. This period really gave Eddie the opportunity to shine alongside his nephew. Eddie Guerrero had been through a troublesome couple of years prior, and it was great to see him in some wonderful matches. Most of all, it was great to see him out there enjoying himself.

Chavo Guerrero spoke with Wrestling Inc. in 2016 and discussed Los Guerreros:

"Here’s the story behind it. Me and Eddie were in catering and pulled them aside and said we had an idea. We were already a team, and it was awesome, another one of my favorite runs were with Eddie. We told Vince we had this idea that we wanted to lie, cheat, steal. He said that it was good and he loved it. At the end of the day, Bruce Prichard came up to us and said we were filming vignettes the next day. I was like really? Awesome." Chavo said. (h/t Wrestling Inc.)

#4 Eddie Guerrero won the SmackDown Royal Rumble

Eddie Guerrero in his last televised match
Eddie Guerrero in his last televised match

Eddie Guerrero competed in the 2004 Royal Rumble match which was won by Chris Benoit, which guaranteed him a shot at a world title at WrestleMania. The only problem was, Benoit was a SmackDown superstar and he decided to use a loophole to join Raw and challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship. This left the SmackDown WWE Championship picture wide open.

SmackDown's then General Manager Paul Heyman, being the creative genius that he is, decided that SmackDown would air the first-ever network television 15-man Royal Rumble match to declare a new No.1 contender for the WWE Championship. Notable superstars in the match included Kurt Angle, The Big Show, John Cena and Rikishi.

The match was ultimately won by Eddie Guerrero. Eddie, who was now a singles competitor, went onto challenge for the WWE Championship at the SmackDown exclusive No Way Out 2005 pay-per-view. The 15-man Royal Rumble win will go down as one of Eddie's greatest moments, as it begin his road to the top of the WWE.

#3 Eddie Guerrero got his WrestleMania moment in 2004

Eddie Guerrero
Eddie Guerrero

In 2004, Eddie Guerrero not only got one WrestleMania moment, but two, with a match and celebratory moment to close the show.

First, Guerrero had the ultimate honor of defending the WWE Championship against one of the greatest of all-time Kurt Angle. In what was a wrestling clinic, Guerrero retained his WWE Championship, in Guerrero fashion, by 'lieing, cheating, stealing' his way to victory.

Second, following the main event and Chris Benoit's World Heavyweight Championship victory against Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Eddie Guerrero came out to celebrate with his best friend and shared an emotional embrace as confetti filled Madison Square Garden. An iconic moment will sadly we will never see presented again due to the crimes committed by Benoit.

This moment for Eddie was a true testament to just how far he had come. After being released by WWE in the early 2000's, to now being considered as WWE's best.

#2 Eddie Guerrero's storyline involving Rey Mysterio's son

Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio in the Custody of Dominik Ladder Match
Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio in the Custody of Dominik Ladder Match

Would anyone like a chapter read out of Eddie Guerrero's bedtime stories? Rey Mysterio certainly doesn't. Eddie Guerrero turned heel in the summer of 2005 and became embroiled in a feud with one of his real-life friends, Rey Mysterio. The pair had recently been WWE Tag Team Champions and also faced each other at WrestleMania 21 as friends.

Around June, Eddie's character became a lot darker, and he revealed that he had a secret about Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik. Ultimately, it was revealed that Dominik is the son of Eddie. Eddie said he provided the child for Rey and his wife as they were having trouble conceiving a child of their own.

Of course, in storyline, it became some very fascinating television which resulted in a Ladder match being set-up for that summer's SummerSlam pay-per-view. In an interesting twist, the custody of Dominik was on the line. Thankfully, Rey won, with help from Eddie's wife, Vickie.

That summer was by far some of Eddie's best work with the microphone. It was also a real test for Eddie, becoming one of the main heels on SmackDown at the time. He flourished and his work was widely praised.

#1 Eddie Guerrero wins the WWE Championship

Eddie Guerrero after winning the WWE Championship
Eddie Guerrero after winning the WWE Championship

Eddie Guerrero won the SmackDown Royal Rumble and became the number one contender for the WWE Championship. The opportunity was granted at the No Way Out pay-per-view in 2005, with Eddie challenging Brock Lesnar for the title.

Now, on paper, the odds were completely stacked against Eddie, but in everybody's heart, deep down they wanted him to conquer The Beast. And he did just that. Albeit with some interference from Goldberg, an unconscious referee and some help from the WWE Championship belt, Eddie did the unthinkable.

He became WWE Champion for the first time in his career, and sent the WWE Universe into a frenzy. It was a proud moment for Eddie Guerrero, for the fans, and for the legacy of the Guerrero family.

It was a moment that you could feel through the TV screen watching at home. Emotions were high and it was a victory for all of us and will go down as Eddie's greatest ever moment in WWE. Viva La Raza. We still miss him.