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Exclusive: Al Snow on Mick Foley, Head, Marty Jannetty, WWE, and wrestling in the Mississippi River

We spoke with Al Snow exclusively
We spoke with Al Snow exclusively
Gary Cassidy
Modified 24 Apr 2019

Al Snow may very well be one of wrestling's most recognisable characters. The former WWE and Impact Wrestling man is famed for carrying a mannequin head, named Head, to the ring, being a former Tag Team Champion with Mankind, holding the European and Hardcore Championship, and even wrestling in the Mississippi River with Hardcore Holly - but Snow may have accomplished more over his years outside of WWE, reinvigourating OVW and training some of the world's top talents!

In fact, Snow even recently released his own book, called Self-Help: Life Lessons from the Bizarre Wrestling Career of Al Snow. So, what help might the former WWE man offer to current Superstars, and how does he look back on his in-ring career?

We caught up with the man himself.

Hi, Al. Thanks so much for joining me. First off, one of my favourite memories of you was 100% that match against Hardcore Holly where you ended up spilling into the Mississippi River. Aside from "cold", how was that, as a match, compared to anything else you've done - and how the hell did that come about?

As a match, any time I got to wrestle Bob Holly, it was so much fun, because we just had a chemistry and it worked so well together. It was easy, it was never hard.

Down there in Memphis, it was a little warmer during the day and it was pretty nice! I was walking around without a jacket on. I was scouting match places. I walked over and saw the Mississippi River and thought, "Oh, that'd be cool if it ended up we fought in the river." At the time, I didn't realise the water was a lot colder than the temperature in the air, and it was a lot deeper, and the water moved a lot faster!


You now own Ohio Valley Wrestling. How did it feel going from being one of the boys in the locker room to the guy in charge?

Ah, being the boss sucks! I hate being the boss!

Everyone's like, "Oh, you get to be the boss, it's so great, you don't have to answer to anybody."

No, actually, I answer to everybody! All day! You name the person and I answer to them, and I hate it.

Al Snow was one of the boys in a locker room with stars like Stone Cold
Al Snow was one of the boys in a locker room with stars like Stone Cold

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Published 24 Apr 2019, 16:53 IST
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