Enjoying the fruits of his labor; Bobby Lashley discusses MVP, his lovely ladies, and more ahead of Hell in a Cell [Exclusive]

Lashley and MVP have reached heights in WWE they always knew they would
Lashley and MVP have reached heights in WWE they always knew they would

The All Mighty Bobby Lashley is enjoying a run of success unparalleled to any point in time in his professional wrestling career. It all started when he aligned himself with MVP and formed the Hurt Business. Since then, business has been booming.

Over the last year, the argument can be made that no one in WWE has been booked better than Bobby Lashley. He has been a dominating force on Monday Night RAW, looking unstoppable at every turn. Bobby Lashley held the United States Championship for 175 days before capturing his first WWE Championship at 44 years-old.

Age is just a number when talking about the All Mighty. He's never looked better, both physically and in the ring. It's almost remarkable how much he's held off Father Time, but that's only part of the reason why he's now been entrusted with the company's most prestigious championship. Bobby Lashley has always been talented, but it was his partnership with MVP that helped propel him to new heights.


The WWE Champion told Sportskeeda Wrestling this week he knew when they partnered up it was going to be something special.

"I knew it. I always knew it. There are certain people that you just have something with. Me and P, we can have conversations without talking," Bobby Lashley told Sportskeed Wrestling. "If we fused together, we would be that perfect person. And we knew it."

While Bobby Lashley is more than capable on the microphone himself, MVP adds a little bit of an extra spark as the All Mighty's hype man.

"He's always been really, really boisterous. He says what's on his mind. I'm more calm, more reserved, most of the time. So it's like, what if we put them together? What would that look like? We've always been friends. So we've always had something that worked and I've always wanted to work with him in different senses. Because MVP is great on the mic, you know that, but he has that same fight mentality that I have. I think it was just, it was just a very good synergy and I knew that it was going to be like that from every time we worked together. I mean, it's always been cool. Everybody's liked it. So I think it's something that works."

Bobby Lashley's run as WWE Champion has now eclipsed the 100 day mark, and he looks set to continue that this Sunday when he meets Drew McIntyre inside Hell in a Cell. If Drew loses, he cannot challenge for the WWE Championship as long as it's around the waist of Bobby Lashley.

Bobby Lashley says Sunday's match against McIntyre is going to be one of the best Hell in a Cell matches of all time, but in the end, he intends to walk out as WWE Champion. After all, it'd be a shame if his title run ended now. He's just starting to really enjoy it.

Bobby Lashley enjoying the fruits of his labor


You may have noticed Bobby Lashley living the good life recently on Monday Night RAW. The WWE Champion has recently surrounded himself with an entourage of lovely ladies, adding a touch of Godfather nostalgia to the Red Brand.

The WWE Champion says when it comes to his new companions though, it's not what you might think.

"Man, they're just friends," The WWE Champion said while laughing.

Bobby Lashley says his new friends are part of a new philosophy for the Hurt Business. Enjoy this run while it lasts.

It took 16 long years before Bobby Lashley finally captured the WWE Championship. 16 years of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice, and it finally all paid off.

"I have been that regimented guy. I've been too regimented," Bobby Lashey said. "I wake up at five in the morning and do cardio. Then I eat my egg whites and oatmeal. And it's not something that I do every once in a while to get ready for something. It's a lifestyle that I've had forever."

Don't think for one second though that just because he's finally reached that mountain top, that he's not working as hard anymore. The All Mighty told Sportskeeda Wrestling that he's working just as hard, but he's also taking MVP's advice, and enjoying the ride at the same time.

"Since I'm in this stage of my career where things are really rolling, it was one of those things that we (He and MVP) talked about and said, 'Hey, man, you need to start like enjoying this.' So instead of going out there and you're fighting and torturing yourself and pressuring yourself and putting stress on yourself. It's time to kind of loosen up and have fun with this man. And that's what it is. It's not like I'm still not putting in the work, but I'm actually having fun. And that's what it's about. The Hurt Business, it's you work hard and then you enjoy the fruits of your labor."

Hell in a Cell marks the final PPV inside the ThunderDome as WWE is set to hit the road again next month. A win for Bobby Lashley means he'll most likely still have the gold and carry the flag for the Red Brand as WWE returns to live audiences.

If that's going to happen, he'll have to defeat Drew McIntyre inside his first ever Hell in a Cell match. It's not a match that the All Mighty was necessarily looking forward to, but the man loves a good fight, and he's ready to give Drew McIntyre everything he has this Sunday.

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