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Five Superstars with the best dropkicks in the WWE

Sammy Sheeran
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The Dropkick in all its glory

The Dropkick was a move that went from being a rare maneuver that was only seen on rare occurrence to a move that is a standard mid-match move for many pro-wrestlers today.

Believe it or not but there was a time where a crowd would cheer for a dropkick; even a DDT got a reaction from the crowd.

When the move is executed properly it can look extremely elegant. The move involves the user of the move lifting him or herself into the air and striking the opponent with both feet.

Today it almost feels as though we have to see somebody perform a moonsault or a phoenix splash to secure an outrageous pop from the crowd. So let’s take a minute to look at a simple mid-match move that only few wrestlers can boast about doing to perfection.

Here are 5 wrestlers that do the best dropkicks in the business.

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Sammy Sheeran
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