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Five times WWE Superstars hit below the belt with their barbs

Sometimes, they can't help but to take words too far

Top 5 / Top 10 03 Jul 2016, 21:45 IST
A more recent incident just came from Seth Rollins

The purpose of promos is to put down your opponent at any given opportunity.  And sometimes, it leads to very personal jabs. For whatever reason the Superstars do it, you can’t deny that it does add to a growing feud. 

The most recent one came from Seth Rollins this past Monday on Raw, where he called out Roman Reigns on his thirty-day suspension. While we have two weeks to go about Reigns’ response or retaliation, it will be interesting when he does break his silence.

But for now, there are other jabs that have come and gone and fans still remember. 

Feelings were hurt with the aftermath of the Pipebombshell
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