Five times WWE Superstars hit below the belt with their barbs

A more recent incident just came from Seth Rollins
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The purpose of promos is to put down your opponent at any given opportunity. And sometimes, it leads to very personal jabs. For whatever reason the Superstars do it, you can’t deny that it does add to a growing feud.

The most recent one came from Seth Rollins this past Monday on Raw, where he called out Roman Reigns on his thirty-day suspension. While we have two weeks to go about Reigns’ response or retaliation, it will be interesting when he does break his silence.

But for now, there are other jabs that have come and gone and fans still remember.

Feelings were hurt with the aftermath of the Pipebombshell

5. AJ Lee meant well but others felt otherwise

We have talked about the Pipebombshell recently (you can look at my Immortal Insults blog), where AJ Lee had ripped on every cast member of the inaugural Total Divas. More primarily, the Bella Twins were hit the hardest with the “sucked up to the right people” line and that they “weren’t gifted enough to be actresses” citing their relationships with Daniel Bryan and John Cena and their year-long break in 2012.

What we didn’t talk about was the aftermath; the promo really didn’t lead anywhere. At a Comic Con Q&A, Lee was asked about it and she cited that while she had hoped it would lead to something good for the Divas Division, some took the Pipebombshell too personally and the idea was nixed. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who it was.

Michaels had no problem pushing Hart’s buttons

4. Shawn Michaels airs Bret Hart’s dirty laundry

Back in 1997, while the Hart Foundation was cutting a promo in the ring, Shawn Michaels interrupted them on the TitanTron. Michaels took jabs at Hart and added in that he’s seen “Sunny days”, alluding that Hart was having an affair with the Diva.

It was an extremely personal comment, and after the segment, the two men ended up brawling backstage. That incident certainly didn’t help matters leading up to the controversial Survivor Series 1997 match.

Punk was extremely hard on WWE’s Medical team

3. CM Punk lets it all out on Colt Cabana’s podcast

CM Punk broke his silence several months after his walkout when he did a two part podcast with his good friend, Colt Cabana. Punk heavily criticized WWE’s medical team when he said that the doctor misdiagnosed what was a Staph infection.

Lawsuits were eventually filed, and Punk had been open about his health concerns. So when he did an interview earlier this year, he explained how impressed he was with UFC’s handling of his back surgery. He said it was nice to have a boss who was “not interested in throwing a Band-Aid on a bullet wound just to parade me out in front of people”, taking a shot at WWE and its medical team once more.

Cena won the war of words during the feud

2. Cena had the Rock’s number

Yet another incident that I mentioned in my previous Immortal Insults blog, Cena took upon himself the numerous opportunities to put The Rock down. From his movie roles to appearances, Cena didn’t hold back from The Rock.

Undoubtedly Cena was on point during the course of the feud, and in retrospect while The Rock has a gift of words, he couldn’t outdo Cena this time around. While there are too many jabs to just cover in this blog, one can argue Cena was on a roll during the feud.

WWEs’s power couple still going strong

1. Triple H catches heat for marrying into the business

Since fans had found out that Triple H dated, and eventually married, Stephanie McMahon the impression they get is that he would not have been quite as successful in WWE had he not pursued the Billion Dollar Princess.

It’s not just the fans who think so; other wrestlers such as Scott Steiner have publically criticized Triple H, and commented that exact statement pertaining to his relationship with McMahon. We will never know what would have become of Triple H’s success otherwise.

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