Five TNA wrestlers who could make it in the WWE

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TNA might not come anywhere near the WWE when it comes to the viewership and sellouts but what the company definetly has is a plethora of fresh talent at their disposal. From jobbers to main eventers, high flyers to powerhouses, TNA boasts a roster which deserves a much bigger stage to showcase what they have in store and coupled with the dipping ratings of WWE this might be the best time for those wrestlers to jump ship and make a name for themselves.

So here is a look at Five TNA wrestlers who could thrive in WWE at the current moment.

5. Bully Ray

Who would’ve thought that this guy could establish himself as a top star in TNA after breaking up the famous Dudley Boys? Well not me. Bully Ray has re-established himself as a singles competitor in the wrestling world and he has done it in style. He might not go into WWE and be the contender for the World title, but what the company can get from this veteran is the much missed experience that they lack now.

He would be a perfect fit in the mid-card and could pull out intriguing matches against Dolph Ziggler, Big show or even younger talents like Bray Wyatt. And imagine the Dudley Boys back on WWE, with the Tag team division finally picking up with the Rhodes brothers, the Shield, Wyatt brothers and the Usos, throwing a team that has done it all into the mix will make the division flourish beyond expectations.


4. Kurt Angle

While established stars like Brock Lesnar and the Rock only make “appearances” on the ring, Angle could be the full time talent that WWE requires at the moment. With regained health, Angle could start feuds with youngsters and propel them to greatness beyond the mid-card. He has been a tough worker in TNA ever since he joined and the situation wouldn’t be any different if he rejoins the WWE.

Fans who saw his epic matches against Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker will be mouth watered by the prospect of him squaring up against Daniel Bryan or CM Punk and a go at the streak of the Undertaker wouldn’t be much of a bad thing to see. He maybe ageing quickly but this guy has a lot left in him to end his career on a high note.

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3. AJ Styles

One of the greatest talents of his generation, AJ Styles has carried TNA single handedly on his shoulders during his initial years. A bit of practice on the microphone skills and he could emerge as a CM Punk like figure in WWE if he decides to abandon the ship that took him this far. If not a mid-card slot with highly rated youngsters could easily be the stepping stone for Styles.

And financially he might come in cheap for Vince McMahon as he could have an expandable at disposal at such a low salary compared to other of his caliber. He could make John Cena look like an amateur in wrestling which makes the prospect of a feud between the two more interesting.


2. Samoa Joe

“Parks+WWE=potential $” – This is what Stone Cold wrote about the potential move of Samoa Joe from TNA to WWE. Now how many times have you seen a wrestler of his physique flying around the ring like he does? Rarely, I assume. He is one of “The” talents that have been wasted in a inferior promotion like TNA.

He was part of epic matches with AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels but has been lost the dimension to his character ever since the arrival of Hulk Hogan, so this might just be the correct time for Joe to make a name in the wrestling world. He could notch up feuds against main eventers like Randy Orton and at the same time with youngsters like Bray Wyatt. With sheer athleticism and skills in his pocket as Austin said, Joe could break down the walls in WWE.


1. Sting

The legend would prefer ending his career on a grand stage in front of 90,000 fans rather than 2,000 fans. WWE has been on the heels to get him ever since his WCW days but has failed miserably every time they tried and it will be better late than never. He still has some gas left him in to produce iconic matches in the ring with the most mouthwatering one being a WrestleMania main event with the Undertaker for his streak.

He could also bring the old fans that left the company and could reestablish the fan base the company is slowly losing. A WrestleMania moment is all that is need for the wrestler to cap his career before he finally decides to part ways with the ring. And what better way to do that than enter the WWE and give another everlasting memory for the fans.

Honorable mentions: Jeff Hardy, Austin Aries , Hernandez and Velvet Sky.

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