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Five TNA wrestlers who could make it in the WWE

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Published 25 Oct 2013, 11:22 IST
25 Oct 2013, 11:22 IST

TNA might not come anywhere near the WWE when it comes to the viewership and sellouts but what the company definetly has is a plethora of fresh talent at their disposal. From jobbers to main eventers, high flyers to powerhouses, TNA boasts a roster which deserves a much bigger stage to showcase what they have in store and coupled with the dipping ratings of WWE this might be the best time for those wrestlers to jump ship and make a name for themselves.

So here is a look at Five TNA wrestlers who could thrive in WWE at the current moment.

Bully Ray new pic 2012 07

5. Bully Ray

Who would’ve thought that this guy could establish himself as a top star in TNA after breaking up the famous Dudley Boys? Well not me. Bully Ray has re-established himself as a singles competitor in the wrestling world and he has done it in style. He might not go into WWE and be the contender for the World title, but what the company can get from this veteran is the much missed experience that they lack now.

He would be a perfect fit in the mid-card and could pull out intriguing matches against Dolph Ziggler, Big show or even younger talents like Bray Wyatt. And imagine the Dudley Boys back on WWE, with the Tag team division finally picking up with the Rhodes brothers, the Shield, Wyatt brothers and the Usos, throwing a team that has done it all into the mix will make the division flourish beyond expectations.

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