Former AEW champ to return to WWE, Rhea Ripley's new PAPI & more - 3 names who can help Mami get revenge on Liv Morgan

Rhea Ripley (left); Dominik Mysterio (right)
Rhea Ripley (left); Dominik Mysterio (right) [Image source:]

Things didn't turn out well for Becky Lynch on WWE RAW as she failed to regain the Women's World Title due to Dominik Mysterio again inadvertently costing her a potential win. However, what unfolded moments later set the internet on fire.

For fans unaware, Liv Morgan kissed Dominik Mysterio during the closing moments of WWE RAW. The company has been teasing Mysterio's potential romantic angle with Morgan over the last few weeks. While it looked like "Dirty" Dom had nothing to do with the controversial interaction, it might only be a matter of time before he shows his true colors and aligns with the champion.

If that does happen, Rhea Ripley could return to exact revenge on Liv Morgan and Mysterio as soon as she is medically cleared. The Eradicator could align with several potential names, who could help her against the duo of "Dirty" Dom and Liv Morgan. The following piece will take a look at three names who could join forces with Mami following her comeback.

#3 Damian Priest helps Rhea Ripley against Dominik Mysterio and Liv Morgan on WWE RAW

Damian Priest was not happy with Dominik Mysterio's blunder at King and Queen of the Ring, which led to Liv Morgan winning the Women's World Title. The Archer of Infamy took to X/Twitter to react to the same. However, Mysterio didn't seem to learn from his mistakes and again interfered in Morgan's match to inadvertently help her retain her title.

This would not go down well with the self-proclaimed leader of The Judgment Day, Damian Priest. He could side with Ripley following her return, helping her in a potential feud against Morgan and "Dirty" Dom.

#2 Jey Uso

Jey Uso was involved in an entertaining feud against The Judgment Day last year. However, the biggest talking point of the rivalry was WWE teasing a potential romantic angle between Main Event Jey and Rhea Ripley.

Besides heavily flirting with Ripley, Jey Uso even started calling himself Papi Uso, and it seemed like the company was going to align the duo together. However, that never happened. Nonetheless, given Mysterio's recent actions, that might change following Rhea Ripley's return.

The creative team could have Ripley ditch "Dirty" Dom, only to get involved in a romantic angle with Jey following her comeback. This potential angle could then lay down the breadcrumbs for a blockbuster mixed tag match, which could see Jey and Ripley clash with Morgan and Mysterio.

#1 Buddy Matthews

Rhea Ripley's real-life fiancé, Buddy Matthews, is another potential name who could help Mami against Liv Morgan and Dominik. While he is currently signed to AEW, rumors of him returning to WWE have been doing the rounds since he was spotted backstage on WWE RAW a while back.

On top of that, Ripley said in an earlier interview said she might convince the former AEW World Trios Champion to return to WWE. Given the recent state of things, The Eradicator could have her real-life partner return to help her against Dominik and Morgan.

Matthews could request his release from the Tony Khan-led promotion, only to re-sign with WWE. He might return to the Stamford-based promotion to unite with Rhea Ripley for a compelling angle.

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