Former WWE champion to return after 449 days after the main event? Potential King and Queen of the Ring ending explored

King and Queen of the Ring winners will get title shots.
King and Queen of the Ring winners will get title shots.

WWE King and Queen of the Ring 2024 will commence in a couple of hours. The match card, superstars, and fans are ready! Not only will the WWE Universe get their new King and Queen tonight, but also two title challengers for SummerSlam 2024.

However, the main event might not be the end of King and Queen of the Ring 2024. In recent weeks, WWE has been teasing the return of Uncle Howdy (portrayed by Bo Dallas) via QR codes that led fans to images, cryptic messages, and other bizarre clues. One such QR code dropped on SmackDown led fans to a web URL with the number '22423', which also happens to be the postal code of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Considering King and Queen of the Ring will emanate from the Jeddah Super Dome in Saudi Arabia, it's possible that Uncle Howdy will return to the ring following the main event. The return doesn't have to be connected to the main event, but it can be connected to Bray Wyatt.


Back in 2022, WWE re-introduced Bray Wyatt to the squared circle using QR codes, and he finally returned at the end of Extreme Rules 2022 with human-sized versions of Firefly Fun House characters. Similarly, Uncle Howdy can return at King and Queen of the Ring, but without being connected to the main event.

The latest episode of WWE SmackDown had another QR code that took fans to a website with various links. All of them have a riddle in them, one even labeled as 'The Prodigal Son', leading some to believe Howdy might go after Cody Rhodes following King and Queen of the Ring.

Uncle Howdy's last WWE appearance was on the March 3rd, 2023, episode of SmackDown when he tried to sneak in an attack on Bobby Lashley. However, he was taken off WWE TV, and the storyline was benched since the late Bray Wyatt, a primary figure in the storyline, was already dealing with a real-life illness.

Triple H elevated the stakes of the King and Queen of the Ring tournament

As per WWE's premium live events, the winners of the men's and women's Royal Rumble matches get to challenge a champion of their choice at WrestleMania. Now, Triple H has announced that whoever wins the King of the Ring and Queen of the Ring will get a world title shot in their respective brand at SummerSlam 2024.

For the women's division, if Lyra Valkyria wins, then she gets to challenge for the Women's World Championship at SummerSlam 2024. On the other hand, if Nia Jax wins, she will be the challenger for the WWE Women's Championship at SummerSlam 2024.

For the men's division, if Gunther wins, he will pursue the World Heavyweight Championship, and if Randy Orton wins, he will pursue the Undisputed WWE Championship.

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