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How the John Cena- Bray Wyatt feud has been disappointing

5.57K   //    09 May 2014, 10:31 IST

Sometimes, great build ups don’t exactly amount to great matches. The feud between John Cena and Bray Wyatt falls in that category. Their matches have been in stark contrast to their build up. There is no doubt that Wyatt is the best promo guy in the WWE right now and it’s this work alone and all the perks of his gimmick that has allowed much intrigue for the matches. John Cena’s character also seems to have imbued something different. As far back as I can remember, John Cena’s never really brought anything new since becoming the face of the WWE. But this quality alone brought a new kind of reaction or rather reactions which the WWE very easily turned into a part of his character and today he’s known as the most polarizing star in the company.

Build ups are an integral part of professional wrestling but they don’t matter much or remembered much if the superstars don’t back that up with great performances. The most annoying part that came out of the Extreme Rules PPV was the fact that Cena was stronger than three guys i.e the Wyatt Family but he was held down by a little kid. Wyatt won the match but did not exactly win hearts. Noone in that match did. Imagine Cena- Punk 2011 at MITB. The build up was exceptional in the fact that it was done in just 3 weeks. It was the most powerful and intriguing story of the year. But the story would have been incomplete or rather unsatisfying if the match had not delivered and the audience were left just frustrated instead of going through an array of emotions.  Wyatt-Cena deprived the audience of many such emotions. Wyatt did bring his level of creepy, but it was not enough.

Wyatt- Cena for the second time in a row started with a roar but ended with a whimper.

But it was doomed to begin with. Wyatt is a new superstar and he’s had great matches but only with a few competitors. The few competitors who brought the best out of him were Daniel Bryan, Shield and Chris Jericho at NXT. Now all of those competitors almost always have great matches. Cena’s greatest matches have been with Shawn Michaels, CM Punk, Cesaro and Daniel Bryan. Do you see a pattern here? Cena and Wyatt are per se not the greatest of wrestlers or technicians. They have great matches with an opponent who understands the craft and hence both Cena and Wyatt’s styles come to full use when faced with opponents of such stature.

Now, a match can’t be made a great match with just the idiosyncrasies of superstars. There has to be some wrestling involved. Some moves that are impressive to watch. Some moves that go well together.  As grand as their journey to Wrestlemania and Extreme Rules was, their matches failed on a grander level.

Theirs isn’t a match made in heaven or hell. They just don’t match.

The feud has definitely been engaging with Wyatt standing out extraordinarily well. His gimmick is great and that fact has been most probably set in stone. He has been able to prove that he is a worthy addition to the main roster and he can get the ‘whole world in his hands’ but he still needs to work on working a longer match and this feud with Cena has certainly been a learning experience, I guess.

After two matches the WWE seems to be continuing the feud and right now it seems to be not so engaging as the past few matches did not really deliver.

It just seems to be dragged on and on.

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