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Impact Results (May 31st, 2019): A violent Street Fight brings about an epic return, Crazy inter-gender match 

Greg Bush
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Killer Kross's crazed crusade against Eddie Edwards led to a huge Street Fight tonight
Killer Kross's crazed crusade against Eddie Edwards led to a huge Street Fight tonight

It's been weeks since the death of Kenny the Kendo Stick. Eddie Edwards has been waiting for a chance to get revenge on the man who killed his best friend, and tonight he'd get that chance. Tonight, Killer Kross would have to answer to Impact's Hardcore Hero in a Street Fight.

We'd also see Tessa Blanchard finally get her hands on the misogynistic Glenn Gilbertti tonight. Gilbertti recently won a Knockouts Battle Royal and humiliated an up-and-coming knockout. Blanchard now looks to shut Gilbertti up once and for all.

Tonight's main event is a tag team match featuring X-Division Champion Rich Swann and Willie Mack. The duo will take on Johnny Impact and Michael Elgin. Mack and Swann have both had their problems with Elgin lately.

In last week's main event, Tommy Dreamer and Rob Van Dam reignited a rivalry with two decades of history. The two ECW originals tore the house down, ending with a victory for the Whole F'N Show.

However, their celebration was quickly broken up by The North and Moose, who beat down the two living legends. The assault was broken up by the returning Sabu, leading to the first match of tonight.

The North & Moose vs Tommy Dreamer, Sabu w/Super Genie, & Rob Van Dam

The ECW Originals proved that they're far from finished in the ring
The ECW Originals proved that they're far from finished in the ring

Ethan Page and Tommy Dreamer kicked off the evening, with All Ego being overtaken by the vet. Dreamer and Page tagged out, leading to a showdown between the two deadlier members of each team, Josh Alexander and Sabu.

Alexander attempted to out wrestle Sabu, easily taking him down a few times. Sabu broke away and attempted a roll-up. Alexander broke out and again went to his amateur wrestling background. Sabu countered this with a springboard tornado DDT, forcing Alexander to run to his corner for Moose.


Moose didn't want to deal with Sabu, instead demanding the presence of Rob Van Dam. RVD tagged in, and the two began their "Rob! Van! Dam!" and "Moose!" taunt spots. The crowd was surprisingly split.

RVD rocked Moose with a rolling wheel kick and set up for the Rolling Thunder. A nip-up from Moose prevented this but RVD countered with a jumping roundhouse. RVD tagged in Sabu, and the former tag team champions connected with a Rolling Thunder/Slingshot Leg Drop combination. Dreamer tagged in and slammed Sabu onto Moose.

Dreamer was rocking Moose with a punching combination but the former Grand Champion pulled Kid Ref in the way. Dreamer shoved him to the side only to catch a boot to the crotch. Moose and The North took over as we went into commercial break.

We come back in to see Dreamer laid out on the North's side of the ring, with Moose standing above him. A chair was placed on top of Dreamer. Moose went for a Rolling Thunder, but Dreamer tossed the chair into his face, then brought him down with a cutter. The Hardcore Icon rolled to his corner and tagged in RVD, who made quick work of the now legal Ethan Page.

A series of kicks set up for a split-legged moonsault. Page was nearly pinned, but Josh Alexander broke up the pin. Sabu came in and dropped Alexander with a DDT. RVD and Van Dam went to the outside as Sabu took care of Alexander with a few chair shots, followed by a leaping senton off a chair. Super Genie hit the same spot, forcing Alexander to the outside.

He couldn't escape the wrath of Sabu, who followed over the ropes with a dive, taking out The North. RVD and Dreamer kept Moose and Alexander at bay while Sabu set up for a dive through a table. Alexander made it inside to break up the attack but Dreamer came in with a Spicoli Driver. Moose speared Dreamer only to be caught off guard with a Van Daminator.

Sabu rolled back in with the table. Page rushed Van Dam but was knocked senseless with a roundhouse kick. Page landed on the table and Super Genie tossed Sabu a chair, where he came down on Page with the Arabian Facebuster. RVD finished off the night with the Five-Star Frog Splash.

Results: Rob Van Dam, Tommy Dreamer, & Sabu defeated The North & Moose.

Brian Cage sent the Impact audience and Michael Elgin a message from home. He's not cleared to wrestle yet, but at Slammiversary, he'll be back, and he'll be the one sending Big Mike to the hospital.

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