IMPACT Wrestling Against All Odds Results: Top star fired on air; interference ruins main event

Could Mooe finally capture gold? Rosemary promises total dominance for Decay
Could Mooe finally capture gold? Rosemary promises total dominance for Decay
Greg Bush

IMPACT Wrestling Against All Odds saw Moose finally get his hands on Kenny Omega. Would Mr. IMPACT Wrestling finally win the championship that's been evading him for years? Would fulfill his destiny, or would Kenny Omega slay the Wrestling God?

Save for the X-Division Championship, every IMPACT Wrestling title was on the line tonight. As far as that goes, though, we got a fantastic No. 1 Contender's five-way to determine Josh Alexander's next challenger. Rosemary looked to end the Era of the Virtuosa and claim the Knockouts Championship.

Both tag team championships were defended tonight as well. However, we got a stellar show-stealer between Joe Doering and Satoshi Kojima. These two hosses had a hellacious war that was worth the price of admission alone.

All that plus Rich Swann battling W. Morrissey, Jordynne Grace vs Tenille Dashwood, and more. We kicked off with a Street Fight between former IMPACT Wrestling Tag Champions The Good Brothers and Tommy Dreamer and Sami Callihan.

IMPACT Wrestling Against All Odds Street Fight: The Good Brothers vs Sami Callihan and Tommy Dreamer

Tommy Dreamer and Sami Callihan divided the opposition, with the Hardcore Icon going after The Big LG while Callihan took on Karl Anderson. The Draw of IMPACT Wrestling saved Dreamer with a chair and swapped opponents with his tag team partner.

As Callihan drove Doc Gallows' face into a steel chair, Dreamer rang the ring bell into Karl Anderson's groin. Callihan rocked Gallows with a pump kick, leaving the Good Brothers recovering on the floor as Dreamer and Callihan went to the back.

The former IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champions were already struggling, and it wasn't going to get any better as Callihan and Dreamer returned with trash cans full of weapons. Callihan bounced a can off Karl Anderson's dome before focusing again on Gallows.

As The Draw continued to batter the big man, Anderson hung Dreamer up on the barricade and pelted him with a pan. Gallows finally got some offense in, battering Callihan with a steel chain and cast iron frying pan. With Callihan disposed of on the floor, The Good Brothers looked to finish off Dreamer.

Anderson left a chair in the corner before bouncing Dreamer's face off of it. They followed up with a running kick (Anderson) and big body splash (Doc Gallows) that dropped Dreamer for a two-count.

Callihan fought back, hitting a diving clothesline on Gallows. However, the Gun Stun hit the former IMPACT Wrestling World Champion. Dreamer responded with a cutter of his own, and followed that with a Dreamer DDT on Gallows. With Gallows and Callihan down, Dreamer and Anderson brawled before the Machine Gun planted the legend with a spinebuster.

The Good Brothers pulled out a table, looking to end the opposition to Don Callis and IMPACT Wrestling World Champion Kenny Omega. Dreamer followed Anderson to the top after the table was set up, looking for a superplex. That was blocked, but the Death Valley Driver looked to be Dreamer's ticket to victory.

Gallows rocked Dreamer with a boot before he could hit it, and the Magic Killer sent Dreamer through the wood. Callihan made the save before pulling out his signature bat. The Callihan Slugger cracked the Good Brothers several times before one final shot to Anderson's head sealed the deal.

Results: Sami Callihan and Tommy Dreamer defeated The Good Brothers via pinfall at IMPACT Wrestling Against All Odds

Grade: B

1 / 9 NEXT
Edited by Kevin C. Sullivan
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